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Does it is only due to the equilibrium price calculation or there are some other reasons?

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I call to GSTN helpline number there is no reponse and email also. I have take cenvat credit in august return. Whom should contact for solving this problem sir regards G Krishna. Based on the State, please select your Zone and Commissionerate from the expanded menu on the left.

All GST coustmer care no. A Help desk want to created in area wise area, or Help desk can be kept in National banks. In Email no proper replay is giving.

What is the procedure to file GSTR 1 for exempted supplying goods? What are the necessary files to efiling? Hello Sir, Have you found any solution for it? I am yet to submit my application , Please let me know how should i prepare consent letter as place of business in name of my mother. Whether it should be on plain paper or on something else. We are registered dealer in GST dept.

I want to raise a compliant against the mobile service centre. Please anyone help me how to raise. I have given my mobile to Motorola dealer service centre , they replaced the LCD display with duplicate. When I am asking the GST bil they told me we are not providing the computerized bill or GST bill to anyone ,if you want to make a complaint do it , likewise they replied. Please suggest me how to raise a compliant against the service center. Dear sir Recently I have established a proprietary firm and also got gst nu.

I want to start one more proprietary firm. We will be using this as fuel in boilers. We had opened the website now then it was not entering. Now how we can do generate input. Please we are requesting Then what shall we do now regarding this issue give any solution..

Immediately I have filed after getting OTP. Now the status shows submitted instead of filed. Sir I have received my gst no. Hai, Gst return filing is submit ed but ledger balance not able to set up. Its showing what ever amount paid that still showing, how to set up. After trying several times heard the voice of one lady CS and when I was explaining the problem, she abruptly disconnected the call!

But Still is I am able to on the portal and no detail of cancellation is available. Request you to please assist. It already have gone 4 days. But still status same. What should we do now. Sir present tot deler but i want convert tot to vat is thei posible for convertionat this time. Sir I have a small ice cream manufactur unit bellow 20 lakh I need gst license or no need please give me reply.

Hi, This for a person running game zone or game parlour. Or under what rule I have to take or pay tax e. Sir, I took gst no. But my business turn over is under 10 lack in my state. Can i cancle my gst regestration? I have readymade garment shop since 25 december Sir I have a business which is below 10 lac I had took gst no. Composition scheme because my Goods come from other states only for transportation.

Can I cancel gst no. How much to pay in composition scheme Can I take tax on my sales I do garment business Please clarify. Sir mujhe gst no mil gya lekin maine business start nahi kiya aur na maine is gst no ka kahi use nahi kiya hai … Kya sir hame iske liye koi charge dena hoga …. I am taking the goods from companies in gujarat,haryana,panjab. P mai dusri state sa product mangwana hai jo 20 lac ka kam ka hai.

Your email address will not be published. Yes It can be. Regards Lily Bali My Business unrer Can i purches Goods from out of state. You cannot sell out of state, purchases out of state are allowed. Why Action is not taken for those sending goods ill legally out of Surat.

I want to start loan dsa in sole proprietorship. What is the charges for new registration. Phone calls are never answered, emails are never answered.

Hell with all this. Sir, Could you please provide the land line No or Mobile No for complaint. What benifit of gst registration? I am going to open new supermarket. Amit-When trade start today and there are huge buyers then automatically the first trade get executed at higher price in your case it is Rs. So it shows the difference. At the same time, when there is a huge sellers then the price will automatically goes down like also.

I am a little confused with the qty here, does it state shares have been traded for this stock at EP? Its very nice article, i m novice in the stock market, your article made me understand the pre market session, but i have a doubt.

I learning share market last 6 month I want to know how can I know premarket buy n sell price. So I can buy or sell stocks. I have placed the Buy order of shares at But the strange thing is the share closed at I mean how can it be possible? Will my remaining quantity go to pre market session next day?

No, it will not carry forward the order. It is considered as lapsed order. Thanks a lot for replying. But still its difficult to understand that my order is already partially executed at So , now the question is if my order was already there at This is total strange and my money is blocked for shares instead of shares.

I am not understanding it. Vishal-If the money blocked for stocks then it is purely wrong. I think you check the DP statement. If the money blocked then in my view orders executed. I am unable to follow your instructions above in those examples and IEP is something different.

Can you please explain how the aggregation works in buy and sell qty? I think that is one of the parameters for deciding the price. Jvain-Check while market is in pre-open session and you come to know the applicability of above theory. Sanket-If there is no selling or buying order then the order will not execute.

To say in a different format, we must have buyers or sellers for trade to take place. Very Nice Article and helpful for Traders….. One question confusing me that…. Mohammed-1 I am investor and for me it does not matter.

But for traders it make sense to judge the future course of rate. What a way to shaft innocent derivatives holders. SEBI is very much a party to this institutional fraud. We have the same round robin trades throughout the day.

Indian markets are no longer Indian. Is this applicable to FnO also? One more query…where does this demand and and supply came from? Demand and supply will come from the sellers and buyers who place the orders.

How can this be? The market has to discover price from 9: How come price changes at 9AM and further changes at 9: Instead either check your trading terminal or NSE site itself. Thanks for a very nice article. One question to you Sir. For an equilibrium price , where demand is more than supply, few people will not get shares. How it is decided who will get shares and who will not..?

Sachikant-It is again who placed the order at first and decided by exchange as it will have data with timing. Do you know any link where we can get archive data for opening pre session qty. I feel this is the deciding factor how share is going to react whole day.

How is it beneficial to know about the Pre Market as by the time trades get confirmation so do the price too may get changed i believe,may be i am wrong of an xyz company? Are stocks gets manupulated by big investors? As they buy in huge quantity and sell them off as soon as posible i am a rookie.. Dominic-Pre-Open Session will give indication. Yes sometimes they get manipulated.

But there is something called circuit breaker to stop such huge manipulation. Sir, If I place a order in pre-open Market for buy xyz share in Rs. If my order get executed on Rs. What is the mechanism , why my order is not getting execution? I am entering at shaft 8. With regards Vakharia Mahesh. Mahesh-The process is already explained above. For further clarification you can contact your broker. Hi Basu , Superb Article!!!!!

Could you please elaborate on Advantages and Disadvantages of Day Trading..? Rahul-Day trading is more of disadvantages than advantages. It need a full fledged post to discuss about it. But this is my opinion. Hello I really appreciate for the contents of article, but there are some doubts may be because stock market is new for me. I will be glad If you clarify the following doubts. Scenario I — Order book — buy and Sell — are these quantity for a period say 9. Demand and supply quantity and Maximum trad able quantity — not clear to me, how you derived these quantity numbers.

Unmatched orders — is the difference between demand and supply? Why it can not be difference between buy and sell. Vishwas-Quantity numbers are based on placed orders during that period.

Unable to understand your second doubt. Is there any partial execution happens in pre-open market? If yes, Premarket partial executed market orders, what rate it will be executed in the regular market? Ananth-Whatever partial orders will be converted to market regular orders and once price tick at that level then they too get executed. Krishna-It is the speculation that leads to high volatility during this period. Later part the non executed orders are considered as limit orders hence you have option to modify or cancel them.

A very nice article I want to know about how price band works? Then it is the decision of Issuer who decides price band for that particular issue consulting with underwriter of that issue. Basically it is based on the company valuation and expected demand. Regarding buffer period, I wrote in above post. It is the transition period from pre-open to normal market period. Hope I answered your queries. Thank you so much.

I was longing for this. I have one question , all market orders will be executed , n what about the limit orders which are matched with decided pre open price? Sarvana-They will converted into normal limit orders I mentioned the same in last lines of this blog.

Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Basavaraj Tonagatti Basavaraj Tonagatti is the man behind this blog. Dear Basavaj, Could you explain the difference in buy and sell quantity versus demand and supply quantity??

Thanking you in anticipation. Sir , Please suggest on the below scenario: Thanking in advance for your help. Is there any way to get the total number of unmatched orders during that period? Shreekant-It is hard to find through broker. If Market Orders quantity is greater than unmatched tradable qty … How remaining market orders will get execute which are placed in pre-open session. Ankit-As per me, they will be turned regular orders after the pre-open session closure.

Can you please tell me about minimum amount required to buy nifty future in intraday trade. Any possibilities to get this. Please help me in this regard.

Hello, As explained by you in above cases for example case 1 where is the equilibrium price of the share,then when the market opens at 9. Is there a way to know the actual demand and supply at a given point of time? Few questions to ask you if you please clear the doubt 1 Suppose a HNI trader with 50 crores capital wants to trade a script which is has closed at previous day. Raghu-If it matched, then your order get executed. Deep-It is price adjustment at internally and getting ready for market opening.

Basu i have new doubt, per my understanding whenever a script breaches the circuit limit within bse prescribed hours trading will be halt for 15 min 2pm , 30 min 1pm and 45 min 11am.

Which order have high probability of execution? Thank you for sharing excellent article. I also have the death certificate with me. Please suggest a suitable way whereby I can encash. Please suggest a suitable and reliable name of broker who could make my selling possible as a small investor on as is where is basis. I know that my topic is different from the above usual comments you recieve but I request you to do the needful and help me.

Thank you and expecting early compliance. But a bit old. Many new discount brokers have started operating in India now which provide very competitive brokerage rates.

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