RSI Trading System & EA v3.0


Use tall candles to help determine trend changes. This version includes latest list of settings and new money management info display, so you can easily track your trading process. How does the EA setting accommodate sells at the 70 crossing from above? How to change these? The average winning trade made

Mechanical RSI Trading System

You dont need to track the market all the time and wait for the important levels to be hit with RSI anymore, let the EA Robot do it for You! Check the back test results. As always nice and straight. If you set the TradingStyle parameter to 1 EA will trade over one center level the one you will enter.

This way you have your self market lows and highs. This new version is equipped with new feature called EntryMode. You can use this option for both trading styles. It can rever se whole trading system , so you can decide by the market condition what entry mode fits the best at that moments. For their tests, they used these guidelines on a portfolio of 17 stocks from Nov to Oct The average winning trade made They mention that no trade hit the 90 RSI reading and say that most exits are time based.

My test portfolio rarely hits 80 4 times in 2 years in over trades. A top end of 75 might work better as the last exit instead of My feeling is that entering when the RSI is climbing above 30 from below would be a better method than when it's declining below The RSI can remain below the 30 threshold for months and the stock keeps declining. On the last exit, at 75 or 90 or whatever value you choose, having the RSI dropping down from above tends to help avoid exiting too soon as price climbs.

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Subscribe to RSS feeds. I do not plan to add more features to this EA. But if I will make an mt5 version in the future, I will include it. Hello, i have a little problem with this EA, can you verify if the money management work. Because for me, it do not work for on test. I would like the RSI level to be adjustable, so that the orders were opened for example at RSI level instead of , is it possible? At the moment it is a lifetime license.

I the future I will maybe add a small annual fee for updates. Good morning, Congratulations on building EA. Or just 10 positive points? Is it possible to make changes to EA in the root? The EA does not open more that one position at the time. Have you read the description for the Martingale Function in the functions glossary? Being that when this condition is satisfied the value of the RSI will no longer be in those levels if overbought oversold.

It always stays at 30 and How to change these? You can only change one level and the opposite level is generated automatically. If you set the RSI Level to 20, the buy level will be 20 and the sell level 80 I under stand if I set one level to 20 the other side will automatically be Can I have two exit levels, for a short trade and a different level for a long trade?

Say, enter at level 80 with exit at level 52 AND enter level 20 and exit level 48, both on the same EA on the same chart? By default, this is not possible. But you could attach the EA to 2 charts. One handles only buy trades the other only sell trades. Hello, I sent you a message in other place of you site.