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That explains Subaru's use of the aircraft heritage boxer engine in their cars. On a side note, another part of Nakajima evolved into Prince Motor Company which in merged with, and is now known as, Nissan and was the minority stockholder in Fuji.

When Isuzu sold their part to Subaru in , it was renamed Subaru Indiana Automotive and is still where all Outbacks and Legacys are assembled. All Bajas were also assembled there with Isuzu's unused capacity. Then Toyota assembled Camry there until last year. Current SIA expansion plans will have the plant producing Imprezas by the end of this year. After going through a number of reorganizations, FHI was established under its current name in Since then, the Company has expanded its businesses ranging from aerospace and industrial products segments to its primary business of Subaru automobiles which began with the introduction of the Subaru minicar in Today, the Subaru automotive business operates in more than 90 countries worldwide and continues to achieve strong growth thanks to the support of its customers around the globe.

For the fiscal year ending March , Subaru projects its global vehicle sales to exceed one million units 1,, units on a consolidated basis for the first time in its history. To this end, the Company is focusing on two initiatives: FHI is taking the opportunity of the th anniversary of the founding of Nakajima Aircraft to change its long-familiar company name and unify it with its brand name. The purpose of this shift is to further accelerate our efforts to enhance the Subaru brand and achieve even greater growth for Subaru as a distinctive global brand in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Chikuhei Nakajima establishes the Aircraft Research Laboratory. FHI acquires and merges with the five companies in Origin of the Subaru Name: Subaru is a Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster.

Subaru was the first brand to use a Japanese name for its vehicles. The name symbolizes the unity of the six companies related to Nakajima Aircraft that merged to form Fuji Heavy Industries. Vehicles assembled within the production dates and VIN range have to be visually inspected by a Subaru dealer. Subaru is first working to inspect cars already purchased and being driven.

The problem was discovered May 3 when the owner of a Outback reported trouble. Subaru says there have been no crashes or injuries.

If necessary, dealers will make arrangements to send a technicians to a customer's location to inspect the steering column. If they weren't manufactured properly, they will be replaced starting in mid-May. The company will offer loaner cars until parts are available but some people whose cars aren't driveable haven't even gotten their license plates or their new car purchase experience survey yet.

Subaru of America spokesman Mike McHale said. Subaru does not know how exactly many cars will have the problem. The problem affects cars worldwide, but McHale said he did not know the number. The vehicles to inspect include models made Feb. These s are early fleet and corporate cars. No s are available for sale and no 17 prices or specs have been announced yet.

To remedy this condition, it is necessary to inspect the lot number of the steering column. If the vehicle contains a steering column with one of the. Cars expected in June. Model and transmission line-up remains the same as Lots of much needed safety technology upgrades. Mild front end freshening. Quieter ride this is early info and will be changed and corrected as more details are released The cars are expected to arrive early July. Prices and orders are expected soon. Quieter ride- thicker door glass, redesigned door seals, acoustic windshield, more underfloor insulation Steering wheel - redesigned new alloy wheels, machined black and silver 2.

The Reverse Automatic Braking uses 4 ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper. Exact details of what models get what features are to be announced. Standard on Touring models new Memory front driver's seat - all new on Forester Forester 2.

You better order it now Some models or colors are already no longer available, such as some Forester manual transmission models. No model changes have been announced or confirmed yet though there are many rumors.

Subaru is extremely proud that this is the 52nd month of sales increases and the 25th month with sales over 40, March by model Outback saved the month.

The Forester is starting to wind down and the popular Eyesight is hard to keep in stock, and the Legacy is a great car that can't grab a big market share. But watching these numbers go up or down every month is like watching a boat Subaru makes a great car, and likes the big lead-in "best month ever" story line, the monthly growth is what makes data crunching marketers and big desks happy, but the real story unfolds at the end of the book, on the last day and page of the year The auto industry analysts and survey companies only like sales increases, ie they'd bet on the hare.

But not every month or year has to have growth be better for it to have been a success, ie growth is good but is not the only measure of success. Crosstrek buyers have bought everything available. That's not much advance warning! No changes for models have been announced.

Renamed Dwayne Lane's Skagit Subaru. His son Tom Lane is running the company. Warming up a car takes miles of driving and there is no reason to wait or let a car idle for that long, but you should always let a cold car idle for seconds, more if its cold outside, to let the oil circulate.

Then drive calmly for the first mile or so. I would recommend that always always always.. I have a Subaru Impreza. I have to wait until the blue thermostat light on the dash goes off before I drive the car. Do you think this is necessary? It seems like a waste of gas. It is a waste. What to look for in a new Impreza? Slightly larger Longer wheelbase for a smoother ride and bigger back seat More practical 5 door cargo door and body design. It's tight in the current the Impreza 5door and Crosstreks due to the aerodynamically focused slope of the rear gate.

More integration of the safety technologies- Eyesight and Starlink internet connectivity. And hopefully with scheduled US production and other benefits described below, Subarus will keep the same price points. This new platform represents the culmination of the know-how we have developed over many years, and we are confident that it will allow us to produce vehicles that live up to our proud traditions and meet the high expectations customers have of Subaru. We continue to work on designing ever-more attractive vehicles that offer the customer both enjoyment and peace of mind.

The main features include: The eradication of unnecessary movement in handling makes the car seem to grip the road surface, achieving a traveling performance that looks ahead to the need for enhanced straight line stability in the autonomous vehicles of the future.

This distributes the resonance and distortion throughout the body, greatly reducing vibrations from the steering wheel, floor, and seats. It achieves a quietness that goes beyond vehicle class. Together with the major improvements in rigidity and the evolution of the suspension system, this lower center of gravity makes possible a more stable driving experience than ever before, and offers outstanding danger avoidance capabilities on a level with a high-performance sports car.

The new unified design concept will also make it easier for our two factories in Japan and the Subaru of Indiana Automotive plant in the United States to carry out bridge production of multiple different models on a single line, making our global production system more flexible. The Subaru Global Platform that offers these benefits will be used in the development of all Subaru vehicles from now on, beginning with the next-generation Impreza, due to hit the market in We'll see it first on the new Impreza, which will go on sale in the second half of Subaru claims its new platform offers percent greater rigidity compared to the company's current models, and the stiffer chassis means less vibration travels through the vehicle to the steering wheel and seats, which results in an easier time for the driver.

A percent increase in impact energy absorption should also mean improved safety. Customers might experience a more exciting drive from the future Subarus, too. The company claims the new platform lowers the center gravity by 0. The engineers now mount the rear stabilizer directly to the body, which is said to reduce body roll by 50 percent over current models. It also supports hybrid, plug-in, and EV drivetrains to adapt to the future. After the Impreza lets us experience the Subaru Global Platform later this year, the company already has other models with it under development.

For example, the XV Concept from Geneva hints at a sharper look for the next-gen compact crossover. The new WRX reportedly joins the range in and possibly gets an extra boost from hybrid power. So much new product on the way could let Subaru keep up its brisk sales pace for years to come. The first two changes will debut in the next-generation Impreza small car arriving in the second half of the year: After those moves, Subaru will roll out new automated-driving technologies beginning with a traffic-jam autopilot.

The new platform aims to cut costs while improving safety and dynamics. Executives repeatedly said they benchmarked top European brands and compared the new platform's high-speed emergency evasive handling to that of German sports cars.

Dubbed the Subaru Global Platform, it will underpin all the brand's nameplates. It can accommodate gasoline, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric drivetrains. Subaru expects to save money because it will be possible to produce components for multiple models at any one factory.

This will enable Subaru to shift production among factories in the U. Subaru can also focus its limited personnel and engineering resources on variations of one platform. The new platform should be able to underpin Subaru vehicles through with regular improvements, executives said.

Subaru aims to channel savings into better performance, said Tetsuo Onuki, vice president of global engineering. The goal is a better product without raising sticker prices, he said. Body rigidity improves 70 to percent. Center of gravity is lowered for better handling. Collision impact absorption improves 40 percent.

Noise and vibration is reduced 15 percent. More dynamic styling is part of the improvement. The design language beefs up the stance and body volume to imbue the cars with a more rugged, sporty aura.

The front fascia is more chiseled; the fender flares are more muscular. Subaru's safety strategy also entails new autonomous driving targets based on the brand's camera-based EyeSight system.

Next year, Subaru will introduce a new traffic-jam assist function that will allow the vehicle to start and stop automatically in slow traffic and steer automatically around curves. Subaru's current system requires the driver to re-engage acceleration manually once the vehicle has stopped.

Existing technology does not feature automatic steering. By , Subaru said it will introduce a semiautonomous highway driving function. That system will enable automated lane changing and automated steering around curves, by combining radar sensors and GPS mapping with EyeSight. Subaru is relying on the changes to stoke its surging sales for continued gains. Subaru targets its eighth straight year of record sales and ninth year of growth in the U. I hadn't heard about this before so that you Subaru for focusing on this issue.

The Butterfly Hero program encourages planting gardens which support the Monarch and other pollinators. Orders for the other Crosstrek models will continue to be accepted. No reason for the sudden and unexpected cutoff was given, but this will allow the factory to build more of the fast selling Crosstreks.

The dealer will activate at time of purchase. These low BRZ numbers remind me of the Tribeca's final lingering months. Each of the winners invites readers to explore their own world or to prepare themselves to explore other worlds. One introduces the world of microbes to the very youngest readers, while another connects the exploration of the physical world to the medical advances of the last century.

A third "trains" the astronauts who will be the first humans to set foot on Mars, and the fourth shows youngsters how to explore the environment through the eyes of a naturalist. This year's prizes — which promote science literacy by showcasing the importance of outstanding science writing and illustration — recognize the work of four authors as well as an illustrator.

Tom Doll, president of Subaru of America, Inc. It bodes well for the integration of reading and science in formal and informal science education.

It's refreshing to be able to avoid the tradeoff between reading for pleasure and pleasurable reading for information " The prize recipients are: The World of Microbes, by Nicola Davies. Illustrations by Emily Sutton. Mars by Pascal Lee. The Penguin Press, Edited by Sarah Schmidt. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Background on the Prizes The prizes began in when four lifetime achievement awards were given to authors of children's science books.

It honored authors whose books promoted science literacy. Finalists were selected by a group of judges made up of librarians, scientists, and science literacy experts.

Out of nearly books up for consideration across all four categories, the judges selected 13 finalists. These finalists were then submitted to a second round of judging, and the winners were selected. In "Talkative Driver," Armisen plays an unusually chatty car service driver discussing his every thought with increasingly impatient passengers. Subaru, which has been a partner since the debut of Portlandia in , has been integrated into the show since Season 2.

Dos Equis will also come on board, and Geico returns for a so-called "near-show integration" Designed to support both Apple iOS and Android smartphones, the Subaru Starlink app brings continuously updated cloud applications to the vehicle's center stack display.

Drivers can then access all Starlink approved apps and services effortlessly, including Magellan's SmartGPS, allowing for safe access and display on the vehicle's touch panel. The SmartGPS navigation app provides a voice-guided full navigation. This ensures customers that their maps for GPS navigation are never outdated. This is an industry problem, its not just Subaru. The "oil consumption" notice its not 'oil burning' seems to be related to the use of lighter 0w oil in low friction engines that allow some of the oil to be forced by the rings.

Its not smelly blue smoke coming out the back and it doesn't seem to be clogging catalytic converters or at least I haven't heard , its just evaporating. It becomes a problem when engines use a quart every miles or so. Engines use some oil, they always have, and when we changed oil every 3 months or miles it wasn't as noticeable as it is now that the interval is 6 months or miles.

I'm not an automotive engineer but this simple explanation seems somewhat reasonable. Engines that are driven harder with fast starts, or with higher compression such as manual transmissions that are revved up or downshifted to slow down, seem to use more oil.

Subaru certainly is aware of the problem and is working to resolve it. Check your oil every 2 or 3 gas station visits for example - on flat ground, and after the engine sits while you pump the gas- and if you think you're using oil, contact your dealer and they will start an oil consumption test.

Subaru has agreed to extend warranties on affected vehicles, and reimburse vehicle owners for expenses related to the defect. The original class action lawsuit filed by lead plaintiffs Keith Yeager and Michael Schuler alleged that Subaru knew that certain models of vehicles had defective piston rings that would cause extra oil to burn off the engine.

In addition, Subaru has agreed to compensate vehicle owners for the following expenses: The actual Subaru models that are part of the potential settlement and details on the claim filing process were not immediately available. The plaintiffs are represented by Matthew D.

Schelkopf and Jospeh G. Kim, and Michele M. Subaru's share of the total U. S market is now around 3. Marketing love love love and dogs dogs dogs works.

And all the positive reviews Now Subaru has to keep these new buyers from drifting to yet another brand when it again comes time for a new car. Crosstreks continue to be the hard to find, an overnight success 3 years after its model introduction. The new model's 7" upgraded audio and blind spot detection has of course been getting people to take a 2nd look.

The top selling Forester's upgraded 7" audio system on all except 2. The Forester retains the classic straight-forward utility, functionality and safety of the Subarus that helped establish the company's current reputation. It may be square but it works! Outback with current safety technology seat cushion airbags, upgraded eyesight, blind spot detection and a comfortable, quiet ride is now a car people aspire to.

The WRX and STI are, as always, strong cult favorites, despite missing a 5 door hatchback version since the model. While the paddle shifters work, they should be made a little more responsive, with a crisper shift response. The Impreza, first offered in , still does well even with competition from its higher sitting Impreza Crosstrek sibling Can we say that those early Impreza hatchbacks were the first mini-utes?

The BRZ is a beautiful car, especially the Premium model which has clean, classic lines without the fussy rear spoiler on the Limited. But it's a rear wheel drive car in an all-wheel-drive world and sales continue to drop year after year from the high of cars sold its first full year model. I wonder how long Subaru will continue to make it the answer is..

Ambassadors are expected to spread the word at their local events, clubs, meetings, forums etc. Ambassadors will get a variety of Subaru gifts to hand out at these events, including discount coupons.

Get more information here https: Get your Subaru Badge of Ownership. Outback , Impreza , Crosstrek, , Hybrid or electric Subarus? Dealer news and updates wanted. I've been selling Subarus since Thank you for visiting.

There is no paid advertising here. If you like and use the site, please help spread the word and mention www. The Black Edition also has black 18" alloys similar to the 2.

This is the first time the Forester 2. Its also makes for 45th month in a row over 40, cars ad 9th in a row over 50, cars. But the Outback sold 3, fewer cars this November than last year Thats a substantial drop both for a flagship model and especially one that has the newest android Auto, Apple Carplay and best functioning audio technology that Subaru offers. The surprising car for the past 7 months has been the Impreza, with in November, October, September, August, July, June and in May.

It would help dealers if Subaru pared down the number of models 2. These black rubber high-sided floor liners replace the flat rubber floors mats Subaru has had in one version or another for many years.

They're available for Outback, Legacy, Crosstrek and Impreza, and sold in a set of four 2 front, 2 rear. The selection this year is the same 4 national charities chosen by Subaru in previous years, plus 2 local charities chosen by the selling dealer.

Then two more selected by the selling dealer. Dealers will inspect the subwoofer wire, install a retainer clip, and, as necessary. Outback, Forester and Crosstrek top the sales list once again because more than anything, Subaru is a wagon company that does well designed utility. Functional wagons and hatchbacks, with a dollop of decent looks are why people like Subarus. Legacy, Impreza and WRX STI sedans are good cars but except for all wheel drive, they don't offer much that can't be had elsewhere for less.

Crosstrek is more popular than ever and in very short supply. The selection this year is the same 4 national charities chosen by Subaru with 2 local charities chosen by the individual dealer. Thats an impressive record. And some buyers will take a look at the slightly larger Outback with all its new features and decide that's the way to go.

People expect this new technology to be on cars. We're already seeing some late model, almost new Outbacks and Crosstreks traded in for the new 18s. It makes sense if you like the new features and want to keep the car long term. The Subaru GTP trade in values are strong, and while trading a near new car costs money, with a strong trade in value on one end and discounted price on the on the other end, the amount is reasonable given the new features.

And going forward, the new Outback, Crosstrek, and Legacy will hold their value better than the 17 and prior models which instantly seem dated. I'm a believer, and traded the wife's 16 Crosstrek for an 18, and am considering trading my 17 Outback for an It's been renamed Rairdon's Subaru of Auburn. The 18 Forester will do well because its a great, practical car but many people will wait for the 19 redesign.. The 18 Crosstreks are just starting to arrive and are a giant upgrade- smoother and quieter, better blind spot detection, and of course the new audio systems are a game changer and are selling as fast as they arrive.

I do wonder about changes on the 18 BRZ. The BRZ is beautiful car that everyone looks great in, and is fun to drive, but small and hard to get in and out of.

ETA for most models if ordered now is September. Option Packages and prices are the same. No major model or features changes. Premium, Sport, and Limited model headlights are now auto-on with front wiper use. A few new colors, crimson red and magnetite gray, replace a few old colors, venetian red and carbide gray. Limited model tires get a slightly higher speed rating 89v. Subaru is also announcing rates on models even before the cars arrive. They're determined to keep the volume up which is necessary because most dealers are scrambling to find parking spots for all the cars Subaru is shipping.

So if you're buying a new Outback or Forester, now is time.. June sales Top volume for the month is and Forester, continuing to prove people will buy better and more functional the Forester over pretty and less functional other similar sized competitor cars that may be prettier but aren't as useful even if the Forester is falling behind the technology curve.

While the sedan and new Sport models do well, it's the 5 door Premium and Limited models which get the most attention and that's as it should be since they're the two models with standard roof rack rails. The new Crosstrek will soon be available and sales are expected to be very strong, and it should become Subaru's 3 volume after Forester and Outback.

Yellow, and Impreza Sport Crosstrek rates announced so the car must be arriving this month. And the 18s rates will come down hopefully soon as the 17s sell out.

Many orders placed right now will arrive in August or maybe late July. The model line continue as 2. New for is a 2. All models have Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Subaru is forcing the Crosstrek buyer upscale, thus the only model with a CD player is the Limited. The big reasons to get this package are the steering responsive LED headlights for much improved night driving, and the Paddle Shifters. The Paddle Shifters are all new and long overdue on the 2. They give the driver the ability to use the 4 cylinder engine to its best capacity when power is needed for passing, accelerating on freeways, towing, driving in snow etc etc.

Unfortunately the Black Edition package does not include standard Blind Spot Detection and rear cross traffic alert or eyesight but otherwise this is a nice package and adds something new to the 18s which are the same as the 17s. The Forester Premium is a little behind the safety curve. Blind spot detection should really be standard on all Premiums but its not I drove a WRX manual transmission with the optional short throw shifter and its smoother shifting, less notchy And July could bring some new deals to help move 17s before the 18s show up, but theres no guarantee.

The redesigned Outback, Legacy, and Crosstrek will all arrive later this summer with the Android Auto and Apple Carplay among other good changes and improvements. The now 8 month old Impreza is starting to catch on as more people re discover it. How can private wealth managers and asset managers partner to create a new generation of customized investment solutions?

Improving data quality to enhance the customer experience is critical to business success but protecting data from improper use is paramount. Find out best practices to collect, store and use data while also safeguarding it from internal and external threats in an evolving regulatory environment. Promontory, an IBM Company. Look across disciplines to piece together an outlook for the capital markets. Erika Najarian, Katherine E.

The Cook Political Report. Rooms are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis — they do sell out early! Please confirm all cancellation policies directly with the hotel when booking your reservation. Access the program, speaker information and more with our digital event guide. Capital markets recognize and drive capital to the best ideas and enterprises. Here are the highlights. Contact Katrina Cavalli at Contact Emily Reinus at Code of Conduct SIFMA meetings and events are intended to educate and engage our members and industry participants in thoughtful conversations.

Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. SIFMA defines inappropriate behavior as any possible illegal conduct, verbal or physical abuse of any type, use of derogatory or discriminatory language, gestures or actions, unwanted invasions of privacy, any form of harassment, racism, sexism, or any other targeted comments which are intended to cause personal offense to another participant either in-person at the event or through social media channels, or the violation of any local, state, or federal laws or regulations.

Please provide as much information as possible about the incident so that we can make a proper investigation. Any violations of law should be reported to law enforcement authorities.

SIFMA will investigate any reported incidents swiftly and confidentially if possible. SIFMA shall not refund any money paid for such attendee to attend the meeting or event, or for any travel expenses incurred to attend. Attendee Roster For your name to be included in the Attendee Roster, your completed registration form and payment must be received no later than two weeks prior to the event.

Registrations received after that time will not be included in the Roster. Substitutions Conference registration substitutions are welcome. Cancellations Refunds will granted for cancellations made three weeks prior to the start of the event. October 16 — 17, Highlights include detailed discussions on preparing….

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