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I spent twice as much on my scope as I spent on the gun, am I an idiot? The coyotes and hogs around here don't think so. Is there some super secret list of guns approved for modding? Last edited by stutteringp0et; June 28th, at June 29th, , I'm a little bit perplexed that Ruger has only three stock options for the RAR.

Black, Navy Digital and Moss Green. Navy Digital can only be found in. Originally Posted by stutteringp0et. Lawn Dart Spend some time re-reading the first two posts in this thread. This thread is about magazine options. The only reason the OP or myself is considering a different stock is so we can have additional magazine options.

Originally Posted by MajMarine. Powered by vBulletin 3. Add Thread to del. Page 1 of 8. New Castle, DE Posts: Does Duracoat peak your interest? Duracoat has nothing to do with this thread. Originally Posted by juniorhoss The American rifle is meant to be a base entry level rifle.

Originally Posted by stutteringp0et Duracoat has nothing to do with this thread. In front of my computer screen Posts: Originally Posted by stutteringp0et Is there some super secret list of guns approved for modding?

Similar Ruger Forum Discussions. February 19th, April 20th, You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Welcome to the world of custom stocks! We have designed this entire business around promoting the safe use of firearms by enhancing the enjoyment the average person can expect to receive from getting more involved with his or her rifles and shotguns. Everything we sell is designed to be installed in an evening or two at home with very little, if any, difficulty for the average hobbyist.

With the hundreds of choices available at Stocky's, how can you make sense of them all? Read on and you'll be amazed at just how easy it can be. This page will be updated frequently as we gather new material from specific vendors. Replacing your old, worn or otherwise undesirable factory stock with a new Stocky's stock: Professionals worldwide agree it's the simplest and fastest way to not only improve the appearance of your rifle, but also results in at least 5 very important improvements.

The new Ruger American Centerfire Rifles are becoming extremely popular among shooters. It's a solid shooting platform capable of good long range accuracy. Unfortunately, the flimsy factory plastic stock was designed to meet a price point, not to improve the accuracy or shootability of the rifle. We aim to correct that. The proven vertical-grip target design of the stock was inspired by the time-tested Anschutz riflestock silhouette.

The grip sports the new vertical design with an enhanced palm swell to put your finger gently and comfortably on the trigger for maximum control on the most popular light-pull precision firing mechanisms. It has a forend of standard width, in other words narrower than its sister the Long Range Target.

Included with the stock you'll notice some extras - a pre-installed trigger guard and new takedown screws! Since we wanted to keep it as simple as possible for you we included these so you will have a no-issue DIY, drop-in install. Included with the stock you'll also find some extras - a pre-installed trigger guard and new takedown screws!