iCoinPro Review: $39.95 monthly cryptocurrency training memberships


Liri Holdings is a financial company that offers international money platform solutions. We aim to help corporates and individuals expand into the international market with creative international wire transfer and settlement solutions with less complicated procedures and minimal costs.

Crypto trading volume rivals that of the stock exchange. In fact, i-Account has been doing fintech before the word fintech was even born. Day Two of the summit will have Chinese advanced financial intermediaries, professional associations, international trust companies, bankers, lawyers and company service providers to comprehensively discuss investment, trading and wealth management and so on.


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Rose is an accomplished author for several successful wealth management and investment books written in Japanese and published in japan. As one of the founders of LIRI-Holdings, he provides a steady hand in business development and innovation and strategic acquisition and is mostly focused now on the EU development and growth of the group.

With his 10 years of experience of opera- tion in major BPO companies, he is responsible for the business operation execution and business infrastructure, ensuring more efficient operations in order to reduce cost and maximize profit He has extensive experience in start-ups, constructing and operating new bases of major telecommunications enterprises, private and local government call cen- ters.

He is dedicated to business continuity and cost deduction of corporate management through business process outsourcing He manages over members on a global scale, ensuring employee satisfaction that will directly translate into customer satisfaction.

As Vice President for Client and Partner Management, Rey works on understanding the challenges of different clients, and mobilizing different teams, globally, to create valuable solutions that drive business results. He is mainly responsible for the general management of all Clients and Partners of the company, along with setting strategic goals, managing global business development teams, generating and acquiring new business opportunities, and developing strategic partnerships.

Included in his career portfolio are two successful Fintech companies, where he worked on Project Management, Strategic Sales, and Business Development for Southeast Asia.

As a payment specialist, he is in charge of the payment solutions planning, business development and product development of Liri Group. He has 10 years of experience in various operations, sales and account management roles in banking, credit risk, cards issuing, payments, and payment gateway technology. As Vice President for Products and Services, he is tasked to expand the infrastructure network. Focusing on expanding transfer and payment solutions and overseeing the optimization of operation by establishing relationships with banks and payment companies.

He engaged in fintech as a non-executive director and on the boards of numerous international firms. Prior to working with Liri, Vince was also the Global Head of Banking and Treasury managing the regulated business which had significant global volumes -- before it was sold for 1.

Vince is now focused on EU compliance and business development. Marc-Andre holds a Master of Law degree from the University of Zurich and has been advising clients from many different countries since the early 90s. He specializes in insurance and retirement planning, as well as tailored asset protection and estate and tax planning solutions. Today, he successfully combines his legal and financial background.

Through his experience developing products for the international financial market, Mr. For over 15 years, Mr. Sola is frequently invited to speak at international investment, asset protection and estate planning conferences. Furthermore, he has published a variety of professional articles and co-authored the book, The Insured Portfolio, Wiley He helped establish companies worldwide, and developed money infrastructure and cash management for various banks.

To promote business continuity and development, the company promotes expansion of money infrastructure around the world. Her responsibilities include the development of policies and procedures and technology deployment to enhance products and services that focus on external customers.

Possessing development skills; from planning to design, implementation, testing and operation, and practising internal business improvement, Julie boasts achievements that led her projects to success within the group. Extensive experience in Operational management. Interfaces effectively with leaders of the organization, inter and intra divisions. Currently responsible in the oversight of business groups for operational design strategy to execution , process optimization and staff development.

With his experience in corporate accounting, taxation, and auditing, Steven worked with one of the world's leading accounting firms and commercial banks. He joined the Group because he felt the need for and the calling of finance technology. Steven serves as the contact to internal and external accounting and finance inquireis and provide feasible suggestions and solutions. Kuro is a successful investor with advanced experience and knowledge in securities, credit, and currencies.

He also has a deep understanding of global cash management and liquidity service. In China, Kuro directs business development activities of the company and drives new sales business.

He is in charge of identifying strategic measures to enhance performance with continuous operational outcomes and building long-term client and business partner relationships. Eileen has been engaged in settlement services for 5 years and has a wide experience of B2C to B2B. She joined LIRI as one of its pioneers and has been doing a lot of business planning ever since.

Eileen has been developing products and services that emphasized user experience. Currently, she is the leader of the team, which is mainly engaged in company-wide products, system requirements of services, and development. She has rich experience in account management, project management, and has contributated to the setup of a new payment business. She is quadrilingual and has earned a certified qualification in anti-money laundering.

Currently, she is in charge of expansion and management of Liri Money Infrastructure Network Associations, as well as the middleware system. Alireza Sarrafi is a leading FinTech Eentrepreneur and Payments expert, with 10 years of experience in the Payments Industry and financial services, he served for number of Payment companies and start-ups in SEA region in the field of Merchant Acquiring and conversion of the Payment Technologies.

You can always find Adam Monus on the front line of innovating the online payment industry. Whether it is alternative payments, crypto currencies or card payments, he is eager to work with the best to make the most of the payment industry. He does not believe in problems but see opportunities in every challenge.

Liri Holdings Limited claims that we manage and utilize our customers' personal information in an appropriate way, adhering to the concerned rules and regulations.

We promise to make reasonable efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of all personal information that we process relating to you and regularly review and enhance our technical, physical and managerial procedures to accelerate our informatization process. Take enhanced KYC measures to manage those customers with higher risks and knows that simplified measures may be applied to customers with lower risks;. Appoint a Compliance Officer CO to act as a focal point for the oversight of all activities;.

Provides training to all relevant staff including new staff in order to ensure they are made aware of the AMLO and adopting appropriate measures letting frontline staff know the responsible areas and to judge whether a transaction is suspicious;. Adopt a risk-based approach to adopt appropriate controls and oversight and accordingly to determine the extent of due diligence to be performed and the level of ongoing monitoring to be applied;.

Keep the documents obtained in the course of identifying and verifying the identity of the customer and the documents obtained in connection with the transactions shall be kept throughout the business relationship with customer and for a period of six years after the end of the business relationship;. Keep the policies and procedures under regular review and assesses that the risk mitigation procedures and controls are working effectively; iAccount Services will NOT do business with anyone suspected of or directly involved in Money Laundering or where funds have been sourced by any illegal activity.

For more details please click Money platform. Mission Liri-Holdings is a group of fintech companies that specialise in worldwide remittance and settlement channels. FVR has officially launch iLexExchange, Liri Holdings plans to integrate blockchain to its financial solutions An established fintech company, Liri Holdings Ltd.

Liri Holdings plans to integrate blockchain to its financial solutions Release Date: Forging the Future of Finance: Brand History and Identity i-Account is an innovative remittance service designed for customers who find existing remittance services inconvenient and overseas banking complicated. Brand history and identity i-Account is an innovative remittance service designed for customers who find existing remittance services inconvenient and overseas banking complicated.

OFW Overseas Filipino Workers Overseas labor market has great potential, we in Philippines and the Pacific islands of overseas workers who have developed this type of account, they can work to the local institution to pay back to the motherland after i-Account storage, convenient working and convenient management of financial expenses to pay home.

Financial institution service Financial institutions as the core users of i-Account services. System providing Ewallet Provider makes your global business networks much easier as it records each transferred funds. Card Merchant Service It is applicable for various trading modes like interlinked shops. Card Service Any prepaid card can be safely used via interlinking with i-Account As a professional Prepaid Card company, we accept international brand cards.

Applying for this card is involved with no strict examination procedures for a credit card. Our Services i-Account Service i-Account at any time and any place i-Account is a Money Platform service that money transfer, payment, exchange and E-Wallet can be realized at any place on PC, intelligent mobile phone and tablet PC via internet. The only buyer demand is from the distributors buying the coin to sell it when the price is pumped up.

A few YoCoin investors made a lot of money, but most YoCoin investors lost their money. This is a very typical scenario. Almost all alt coins are pump and dump coins. In general, education is a legitimate product.

The quality of the education and the value for the price still need to be analyzed for real retail acceptance. Most people do not have the aptitude or the knowledge to search the Internet and make sense of all the unorganized, out-dated, and inaccurate information out there. Good valued education can aggregate good current and accurate content and organize it in a learning format to facilitate the knowledge transfer process. A professional Learning Management System LMS can do this with nugget size multimedia learning lessons with quizzes and exams to help determine if the student really got it.

Information about anything is on the Internet, but that does not negate the need for structured learning environments. History has already proven that people will pay for good delivered education. In my review of iCoinPro, this is probably where they get into trouble. First there is no where to sign up as a retail customer. Second, there is no retail sales model, where sales people earn a retail profit for selling products for a retail price higher than their wholesale distributor price.

And finally, regulators look at what is motivating the distributors to join? Is it primarily on the value of the product, for which they earn sales commissions as a secondary factor? Or is it focused on the compensation plan with little interest in the product. Regulators use this test to see past fake facade products that attempt to hide a pyramid scheme of internal sales only. Unfortunately, a quick search of iCoinPro on YouTube. So what is the problem with Pyramid schemes anyway, you may ask?

After all, a lot of people are making a lot of money jumping from pyramid scheme to pyramid scheme every 6 to 18 months after they collapse. Traditional sales generates profits by delivering value to the marketplace for which customers pay money.

That money is used to pay sales commissions for delivering that value. Customers get product value and sales people get sales commissions. But pyramid schemes have every participant expecting more money returned back to them as the sought after value. It only can come from one place. Most participants of a pyramid scheme actually get x-y as their returned value. When pyramids collapse a few people that got in early at the top can make a lot of money, but is is off of the backs of the masses of people that lost all their money.

It is not only a legal problem, but more importantly to society, it is a moral problem. In the end, iProCoin is just another illegal pyramid scheme with no retail sales.

The only people paying money are the sames people expecting profits. There is no value being delivered to the marketplace, only a money game to try and generate free money from nothing. Aug 11th, at I love iCoinPro because it learns me a lot about cryptotrading. Within a week i knew how simple it is to trade yourself. Just what i needed! Sep 1st, at 9: I am a trader of crypto and i find their course helpful for people new to crypto trading and basic knowledge.

Nobody can guarantee success on trading cryptos but with a good knowledge your chances of losing decreases. I know they are coming with new features like market signals APP to help the affiliate to make better decision to operate. I like the company because it is education oriented they deliver on that.

Going to google is not going to give you always the best. NOw, if they deliver on making the educational service better and more attractive for any costumer this program will succeed, if NOT probably it will have some trouble becoming a long term, solid Business opportunity.

Dec 29th, at I joined and was enjoying the educational part until I got to certain module which stated that the content was yet to be added. Unfortunately, this causes a glitch in the system stopping anyone from accessing the content on the following modules.

The programming makes it essential that you finish the previous module before the next one will open up. Jan 23rd, at I would be interested to see what an unbiased review would reveal now. Can you give us an update that reaches beyond the focus on MLM, pyramid, or ponzi and review the actual product?

Jan 24th, at 6: No I respectfully disagree, There is a service provided and the focus is not on recruiting. The customer is not solely reliant on recruiting to earn money and they do not depend on new money to sustain their business. The focus is not on the comp plan and they make no such claims. The focus is on the training and the trading tools that they provide. Now before one goes and says we can find this same training elsewhere for free, I will just say, prove it to me.

The micro profit system, tools, and training cannot be found elsewhere and trying to find comparable tools and training would require far more knowledge than the average person has. Offtopic derail attempt removed. What you attach to recruitment commissions is irrelevant. It should be pretty obvious that the majority of revenue iCoinPro are deriving is from affiliate subscriptions.

This and this alone is the one reason iCoinPro should be given a wide-berth:. That alone negates anything legitimate that might be offered. Jan 27th, at 4: Am I to understand that everything that has an MLM compensation plan is an illegal pyramid scheme?

Offtopic derail attempts removed. Being a member of Both I cannot see your point of view as far as compensation goes. The fact that you are not a member yourself explains why you cannot see the value of icoinpro service or the value of their micro profit system. Again I am not trying to be argumentative but respectfully disagree yet open to hear your reply.

It does appear to me that you are biased against anything with a unilevel or multilevel comp plan though or am I wrong? Jan 27th, at 5: Can I buy the lessons separately? Jan 28th, at 4: I clearly stated MLM companies. Jan 28th, at 5: The micro profit system, tools, and training cannot be found elsewhere. Loveland is working on establishing a track record of questionable choices, i. Jan 30th, at Money invested in Zeek Rewards earned returns of 1.

Investors were encouraged to let their gains compound and to recruit new members into a "forced matrix" to increase their returns. The SEC contends that this forced matrix payout scheme constitutes a pyramid scheme. The higher the initial investment, the higher the returns appeared. OSGold was founded as an e-gold imitator in by David Reed and folded in According to a lawsuit filed in U.

Another large case took place in Thailand in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about a particular type of investment fraud. For legitimate high-yield investments, see yield finance and high-yield debt.

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