Banderole publicitaire - bâche imprimée - banderole géante France Banderole fabricant de banderoles publicitaires, impression numerique au meilleur prix.

Dear students, Be courageous and confident about the values of what you have learned, because that is an absolute value for eternity. Foreign investors also have a great deal of interest both in hospital and hotel part of this complex, and we are currently negotiating models of their participation. Si vos banderoles sont fixées au dessus de cm de hauteur, vos baches publicitaires devront répondre à la norme anti-feu française M1. Aspect tissu blanc satiné.

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Banderole publicitaire - bâche imprimée - banderole géante France Banderole fabricant de banderoles publicitaires, impression numerique au meilleur prix.

This panel was aimed at drawing attention of young Montenegrins to the essence of networking, especially regional cooperation and its positive impact on their careers. The goal is to stress out that networking is crucial for individual and professional development of each individual. On 19 May, the President of Montenegro, Mr. Participants of the meeting addressed the media and the cocktail guests. The President of Montenegro, Mr. Olivier Corlette, the Managing Director of Porto Montenegro also joined the messages communicated by the participants and, as a representative of one of the successful foreign investments in Montenegro, gave his support and highlighted benefits from investing in Montenegro.

The mayor of Cetinje announced Greenfield and Brownfield stimulating packages to support investments in the Royal Capital. Festival is organized with programme support from Prime Minister of Montenegro Mr.

The idea of organizing Festival of real estate and investments - FREI was conceived in , in the context of efforts in Montenegro to keep and promote position of attractive investment destination and to enable professional, structured and experienced contribution to development of real estate sector in the region.

In previous years this Festival was attended by almost all significant Investors present in Montenegro, designer and construction companies, international experts, representatives of regional countries state bodies and large amount of business entities interested in this field. At final session, on behalf of Programme board, participants were addressed by Mr.

Festival aims at bringing together and information exchange between regional State bodies, Investors and commercial companies in the field of real estate, representatives of international institutions and professional public.

FREI consists of multiple programme activities: We invite You to visit this year's manifestation and our exhibition stand and get acquainted with activities and projects of Atlas Group, as one of leading regional and Montenegrin companies. This agency is entrusted with sale and rent of biggest object in Montenegro and region, Atlas Capital Center. Atlas Capital Centre is a model of future construction, technically the most advanced object in Montenegro, and wider region.

This company is one of leading UK alternative investment companies, specialized in investments in sustainable energy sources, real estate, health, financial services, media and entertainment. Vision of Atlas Group development is to realize all key projects in Montenegro and abroad with our foreign partners, who bring their specific knowledge, advanced technologies and management systems, apart from their equity.

Also look at Festival Program. Summit business leaders of South-East Europe. Summit is a forum of most prominent business leaders from the region, aimed at creating favourable business environment in the region, improvement of trade exchange and joint participation on third markets. He also said that the European crisis will still last so the region should turn to Eastern markets and Russian market.

Dear friends and guests,. At the very beginning I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Bill Clinton and his Foundation for partnership and words of support to the best Montenegrin students.

Although a decade has passed, I feel tremor each time I stand in front of these young, successful people. Tremor for what I should say to them and for responsibility my generation feels wondering what we have achieved and what we will leave as heritage to the new generation of leaders that are receiving awards tonight.

The moment we are living is challenging. The system of values we used to adhere and we still adhere is challenging. It is challenging for the society. There is plenty of insecurity, plenty of uncertainty.

It is difficult to orient oneself and find secure, rapid and exact pathways. However, at the same time, that is a pleasant, unique challenge, as it leads to the formation of new paths and new ideas and new visions. My generation experienced similar situation, when a society we grew up in was disappearing. That situation was hard and uncertain, but what gave us force is the faith in what you know, and determination and self-confidence provided by knowledge, in order to realize the vision you believe in and you love.

Experience proved that the success of a vision is reflected in the benefits it had for the others. Therefore, at this moment, I dare say that our faith in the future lays in YOU and your colleagues from previous generations and in the power that YOURS excellence and originality have in order to change the society and create new, better worlds. Be courageous and confident about the values of what you have learned, because that is an absolute value for eternity.

Knowledge is the key word of 21 century. Knowledge is the main resource, main instrument, and main engine. Educated young people as you are, represent an investment which can only bring good to our society. Business community and the state should and will always support talent and human potential. It is your duty to make use of your knowledge and to share it generously with the others. And most importantly share love, spread love, love the others, love the society and community and love the future.

That is the message I used to repeat to myself and that is what I would like to convey now to you. That creative and positive force is immeasurable and it will overcome the crisis of every period. In today's times of crisis it is necessary to share kindness, and to show solidarity, humanity and affection.

That is the guarantee for your future, and you are the guarantee for the future of Montenegro. Nevertheless, I am sure that your historical and future role received more than enough polite compliments and flattering. Thus, take up immediately your share of rights and burden in carrying on with societal work, based on knowledge and skills the new generation brings. Be proud because the future of Montenegro is in your hands, the future ever more European and more global.

You will represent us in Europe and in the world; you will represent Europe and the world here. And I am sure you will do that brilliantly. At the very end, I would like to thank to the Atlas Foundation team that worked hard in order to make such ceremony.

On May 22, , President Clinton will travel to Montenegro. While there he will, at the invitation of Dr. Organized by Government of Montenegro and the Atlas Foundation, and inspired by President Clinton's philanthropic initiatives, the conference will gather Balkan leaders from the non-profit, political, and business sectors, with the idea of establishing a private-public network that will work on finding a cross border model of sustainable social empowerment.

After the unfortunate occasion of devastating 5. In addition to financial support, Atlas Group has offered Studenica Health Centre in Kraljevo, assistance in care of injured and patients, by offering hospital beds in Meljine Hospital in Meljine in Montenegro, and its medical staff at disposal in providing medical assistance to patients. We are all Corporate Citizens Now. The velocity of the regional integration into the European Union will depend on a larger scale from the amount and level of capitalization, how much money has been retrieved from admission funds, reaching better rate for the region and private and institutional investitors capital arrival — said Dusko Knezevic, Atlas Group President in World Finance interview, the most prestigious economy magazine in the world.

He has pointed out that during this year and , it is expected that Montenegro and the regional countries will still be under the influence of the Global Economic Crisis. Knezevic also emphasized that Atlas Group is fairly well diversified, which has allowed it to withstand the effects of the economic downturn. Not only did the Atlas Group management maintained the stability, solvency and liquidity of the Group and all its members, but in three banks managed to report a profit in Atlas Group President has explained that there is still a possibility that events may take a turn for the worse once again, as some economics predict a scenario in which contagion from problems in Greece affects Spain, Portugal and other Eurozone countries.

It is evident, however, that mainly developed countries are already beginning to recover, if hesitantly. Hopefully, investors from these countries will gain confidence and returning to invest in Montenegro and the region, bringing the new capital with them. Half a million is a low price - said Chairman of Atlas Group. Montenegro must have foreign investments and this is one of the ways to increase our competitiveness compared to other investment destinations.

Economic citizenship program must be fully transparent process, pursuant to EU regulations. Completion of Atlas capital center in the near future will mark the end of crisis, indicating the beginning of new investment cycle in Montenegro — Knezevic said.

Comparing to them, I think that the price of a half of a million is too low. He emphasized that essential for this program would be to be well designed and promoted, to determine, from the very start, the target groups and profiles of investors to be attracted this way. It must also be fully transparent process, pursuant to EU regulations.

Based on all these prerequisites, economic citizenship program has my full support and I will personally try to promote it since I have a lot of friends and business partners from Asia, Near East, Russia, Serbia and other European countries, having direct interest in application. Could starting the second phase of project Porto Montenegro as well as completion of Atlas capital center be evidence of deathbed of global economic crisis and that we might see better days?

In my opinion, it is very important that our operation has neither ceased nor been questioned, especially because of participation of foreign assets. These are two very important projects and I think their completion in the near future will mark the end of crisis and indicate the beginning of the new investment cycle.

Montenegro has been trying to be profiled as elite tourist destination. What is your assessment of present promotion and general development of Montenegrin tourism? Because of that, it is very important to be presented constantly at fairs, in foreign media as well as in sports and cultural events worldwide.

The most important is to work on branding Montenegro as tourist country, having all beauties, unspoiled nature and numerous resources which will attract tourist from all around world. You are one of a few businessman who operates successfully even during this crisis.

What are the plans of Atlas Group, speaking of investments? Besides that, works are starting on the location of current Jadranski sajam in Budva.

We realized that job in cooperating with investors from Great Britain, from Future capital partners. Atlas Group will there build one of the most modern expo centers in the region and it will be finished in one year period.

On the other hand, our partners will build luxury hotel, with Windam, worldwide known brand. We will also continue valorization of Meljine complex, which has recently become our property. Foreign investors also have a great deal of interest both in hospital and hotel part of this complex, and we are currently negotiating models of their participation.

At the same time, we work intensely and are in contact with foreign investors. We are about to sign partnership contract with Turner Constructions on establishing joint company for South East Europe. When can we expect completion of works on the most modern building in the region — Atlas capital center? We are doing finishing works and at this pace, apartments will have been finished by end of the year, and entire interior and business part by the spring next year.

Do business people in the world think of Montenegro as of destination safe for investing and what should be done to make even more investors place their assets here? What attracts investors more is simplicity in operations, easier and expeditious procedures and transparent legal frameworks. In some countries, you just need to go to a law or consultant office, and they will finish entire process of registering company for you, obtaining licenses, etc.

This is the course Montenegro should take, meaning that it is necessary to make further simplification of procedures, law amendments relating to establishing and operations of foreign companies as well as facilitation process of employing foreign managers. These are presumptions which will attract new and keep present investors, and make Montenegro desirable investment destination. Atlas Center today signed a contract for the second part of the loan with Marfin Egnatia Bank of Greece.

Costas Vitakis, Director of Marfin Bank, has put his signature on the loan agreement, on behalf of this well-known Worlds Bank. Despite the global economic crisis, Atlas Group is currently building technologically most advanced building in the region, Atlas Capital Center, opening is expected in late On this occasion, Mr.

Costas Vitakis said that Marfin Bank has recognized this project from the beginning as one of the most promising regional investment. Concerning the global economic crisis, with cooperation between our bank, the royal family of Abu Dhabi and the Atlas Group, the project is almost done, respecting the highest standards and quality. I'm very glad now that it is certain, Atlas Center will open doors and be a symbol of Podgorica in November, "said Vitakis. On behalf of Atlas Capital Center, executive director Maja Stjepovic said that "the Atlas Group and Capital Investment, investors in this project, showed that at the time of global economic crisis, which particularly affected the real estate market, we can now underline the financial structure for this project worth over million euro.

Jassi Al Seddiqui, representative of Capital Investment and the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates said that their first project in cooperation with partners from the Atlas Group proved very successful and will soon consider new investments. Atlas Capital Center is a facility located in the business - administrative part of Podgorica.

The Center offers over 90, m2 of modern design under its roof, a new chance to live, play and work. Atlas Capital Center will offer 13, m2 of housing space, which consists of 90 residential apartments - a concept that has not been represented in our market.

The Center offers over 13, m2 of commercial space and even Concerning requirements such building sets, for the first time in our market, one company will take care of the entire building and all the needs of its residents Facility Management.

The object was to justify the highest level of technical, technological and artistic equipment, both in the apartment, as well as the business part of the building. During the construction materials used are of superior quality, especially in final processing. As one of the major problems in all cities today, including Podgorica, is parking space Atlas Capital Center has constructed underground level garage spaces.

With an exception of Atlas Capital Center and some other examples of high quality building, there is a very small number of comparable facilities in our region. Speaking of demanding clients, and those who still have only one criteria, and it's quality, Atlas Capital Center now has more and more residents in their rooms. Construction of this quality is easily recognized by Marfin Bank, which confirmed that the trust always justifies the good work. For more information, visit www.

At this session, held at the Hotel Sheraton, in the presence of government officials, the president of prominent foundations and corporations, former U. President Clinton spoke about the importance of philanthropic arrangements and cooperation between the public and the private sector, nongovernmental organizations and world leaders, in order to unite forces in dealing with most urgent global problems. The organization defined the sphere of action to concentrate on in next year: In the meetings that were held after the plenum, the president of Atlas Group considered with other members, actual projects and possible actions for the implementation of new technologies in education and new social and environmental standards.

The organization of former U. These and other members launched 1. Participants analyzed the biggest global challenges, considered the most effective solutions and build secret partnerships that allow them to create a positive social change. Knezevic also met with the executive director of New York Stock Exchange, Lawrence Liebovic, with whom he discussed the possibility of cooperation with Montenegro Stock Exchange and implementation of U.

At meetings with stock exchange officials and traders main target was to consider activities and opportunities for internationalisation of Atlas group and to make potential partnerships in projects implemented in our country. Cooperation is achieved in order to promote the most modern type of investment today and the possibility for strong domestic companies to reduce, control and manage currency risk exposure and thus increase the profitability.

In the world this kind of trading has a practice for many years and in our country is becoming inevitable as well. Tournament begins with first qualifying matches and 2 May until the official opening of the tournament is expected May 3.

The competition will participate in many famous players from the domestic, regional and international areas. In addition to the other players of the world, Novak Djokovic, tennis fans will have the opportunity to Dorcol be seen by the following names of world tennis: Semifinals will be played on Saturday May 8 and the name of the winner for will be known on Sunday 9 May after the finals. It is expected to be good weather and a full seat occupation.

Promoter of the tournament will be former Australian Open champion and U. Open, now a retired Russian tennis player, Marat Safin.

Belgrade Mayor Dragan Djilas, has expressed confidence that the tournament will be even more successful than last year, when the Association of Tennis Professionals ATP declared the best in the world in its category, a series of so-called th. Croatian singer, celebrity from Split, Ms.

I have to state that I have a very pleasant experience with Atlas Group who confirmed that it has always recognized the quality and artists, and that they are willing and unreservedly to come forth.

Vuko Dragasevic, confirmed the successful cooperation with Severina. Watch press conference video: Shooting video for the song: During the ceremony in London, reward was delivered to the president of Atlas Group and the president of the Atlasmont Bank board of directors, Mr. In its latest edition, May and June, they published an article about the history and business of Atlas Group. Atlas Group was given the recognition for quality in management activities so far, who contributed to stability and high liquidity of the Group and its members in the period of world economic crisis.

Emphasis was given to the international character of the Group — its development on EU markets and Russia. Magazine, among other, stated that Atlas Group has internationalized its business by owning the ABM bank in Moscow and by opening a regional office in Cyprus, who is tending to become a bank. This great recognition for successful development was received during the greatest economic crisis ever. Atlasmont bank has no difficulties in keeping high liquidity and regularly provides all services to its clients.

Client and deposit outflow is minimal and definitely under the level compared to competitive banks. On the regional conference for finance and investments in South East Europe, held in Dubrovnik on 20th and 21st of October, Atlasmont Bank from Podgorica was officially rewarded as the best bank in Montenegro in Richard Ensor, stated that Atlasmont Bank wise leadership significantly came up front in the period of crisis.

Landing was put under control, bank received an international rank for credit rating, business was successful, and for receiving this reward it is very important the way bank was managed during the crisis period. Regional EUROMONEY conference organized annually, every October in Dubrovnik, was attended by high representatives of regional governments, Central and commercial banks, and other corporations and financial institutions from the region and further.

Atlas Group, one of the greatest companies in this part of Europe, doing business in five different countries, marked its twentieth anniversary by official sale start of Atlas Capital Center. Atlas Capital Center is a facility planed and developed by the highest standards ever seen in the region, and CENTURY 21 Capital Real Estate will take care of sales process, the agency who is member of Atlas Group as well as the biggest international real estate network.

All Atlas Capital Center residence and guests will have where to park their cars, on parking lots in the four level of underground garage.

Atlas Capital Center will have its own firm for managing the Center and will take care of all users needs on the highest level and will meet clients needs and desires in a very short notice.

President of the Atlas Group, Mr. Dusko Knezevic, on the official opening stated that the first faze of construction works started two years ago are now finished, one month pre schedule. I consider that this formal sale start will bring great benefit for both companies. Up till now we have received requests for apartments purchase.

Priority in the Atlas Capital Center is to resolve a hotel matter with one of the great hotel chains and to find up to three big tenants. We expect to announce their names in next 3 months, and in second half of to make an official grand opening. Together with our partners from Capital Investment we designed the Atlas Capital Center as a modern facility, which will make Podgorica a recognizable Mediterranean Capital.

A small part of it you can see in the facility where we stand here today, it is a model of one of the apartments in its natural size — stated Mr. General Manager of Capital Investment, Ali Almansuri, stated that his desire is for Atlas Capital Center to be one of the best projects in the region and he is very pleased that everything is being done in planed time schedule. Mayer Miomir Mugosa stated that construction of a project like Atlas Capital Center in time of crisis means a lot.

We shall see when will the hotel jigsaw be solved, as it is good for the main players to be in our premises. Atlas Group and Capital Investments at the end wished to all that the next meeting should be in several months in the same place, when this facility will shine with doors wide open.

The business relationship with Ms. Anderson had the opportunity to visit. We were lucky to meet Atlas Group through mutual friends from Abu Dhabi, so Pamela asked me to personally visit Montenegro in February and confirm the quality of Atlas Group and Montenegro. As previously announced in February, Pamela came to visit Montenegro and to consider all business cooperation possibilities. I would like to thank Mr. As you know, my manager had previously visited Montenegro and, as one very skeptical Englishman who rarely gives compliments, returned with very favorable impressions.

We have decided that this is a country in which we are anxious to invest in for the future. His words did not do the beauty of this country justice. Yesterday I spent the whole day visiting many locations as I could manage and spoke to Mr. Knezevic and the people from Atlas Group.

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