What is an Unrealized Gain/Loss?


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Comment fonctionne le trading sur Forex. Ajoutez la série de webinaires au calendrier. Tester la configuration système. Des questions ou des commentaires? Écrivez-nous à francais dailyfx. Calendrier des séminaires en ligne. Anyone who knows the nature of the forex market will understand that this is a form of capital flight from the country, as money lost by a trader in one country is money gained by traders in other countries in the globalized forex arena.

Most of the losses are attributed to the unscrupulous practices of brokers who are located outside the shores of France and out of reach of the AMF in response to numerous complaints of these infractions made to it by victims.

In the light of the information provided above, we can therefore see that it is going to be very difficult for brokerage firms to get licensing to do forex brokerage business in France. With what could be viewed as a biased mindset of the AMF towards the business of forex, many forex firms would not waste their time and efforts to try to get licensed in France, but would rather move to places like the UK, Cyprus and Germany where they would more easily get their business registered.

Forex traders in France will therefore have to seek other options abroad with licensed companies. The maintenance of the blacklist by the AMF is not entirely a bad thing, as our review has shown that there are several forex brokers on that list which deserve to be there as a result of nebulous regulatory disclosures on their websites.

Going forward, the AMF would be better served by making known to traders in very clear terms, the reasoning behind the listing of some of the companies in the blacklist. It should not be left to traders to have to start combing the internet searching for reasons for the blacklisting of brokers. Newbie traders do not have the knowledge or the experience to start sifting information as to why a broker is blacklisted or not.

By making the reasons known to all, some contribution to knowledge can be made for the benefit of new traders, who can then tap into this resource when searching for brokers to do business with. Such disclosure has the potential to save many traders from falling into the hands of these scam brokers. It is our opinion however, that the AMF should drop its hardline stance against forex trading as a whole, and focus instead on sanitizing the sector. We use the knife to draw an analogy in this regard.

A knife is a tool. In the hands of a chef, a knife would be useful in cutting up ingredients which would make for great recipes. In the hands of a killer, a knife is an agent of death. But would the approach be to throw the knife away simply because it can cause harm? Imagine a world without the knife. Imagine a world without forex trading. AMF would be better served refocusing and repackaging its forex regulatory function. Top 3 French Forex Brokers: The report also presents other data which are sobering: