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We strongly recommend that you test the trading robot before buying for a better customer experience. Insofar as orders are pending, it can be used both autonomously and in manual trading, as you nearly always has time to close a pending order on not too small. This is a free version. This is a free version of the Ilanis Expert Advisor.

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Feb 17,  · Ce tutoriel MT4 en français montre comment importer et installer un robot de trading rapidement sans redémarrer la plateforme metatrader 4. L'expert advisor.

For other orders the EA calculates TP individually based on their starting prices. If enabled, the EA will not use SL at all and risk by all your deposit for each trade. If disabled, the EA opens next order only if the previous one is in a loss. The list of methods is below:. The list of methods is belo. File type and requirements: The various settings are explained below. The default settings are just place holders and not necessarily the best. Use the settings that best suites you or your strategy.

Lots- This is the lot size of the EAs trades. AllowBuy- Set to true to allow buy trades. This setting is true by defaul. It is an Expert Adviser without indicators. Please attach it on daily chart only. Order age maximum is 1 day only. Maximum affected orders are 8 only. If 1st order is 1 lot then the 2nd order will affect 1.

It is good in following the trend. It features a trailing function, which moves the stop loss towards profit. It works on all currency pairs and all time frames. You can always monitor the EA operation. All of its trading actions are displayed in the top left corner,. Hedging is a risky method of trading and maybe not suitable for anyone, require specific deposits and encounter big DD, Please understand the risks of Hedging before getting started Background This is the Free version, Some Parameters are hidden and pre-defined to enable you demonstrate all the capabilities of EA with small investments, For large investments or to freely change all parameters and support the author please purchase Full Version From Here Hedging Master is a revolutio.

This adviser trades by volume, analyzing candles. It is a free version of Volume candlex master. Differences from the paid ones are that there are not some functions here: Before trading, optimize the parameters of the advisor for your account.

It's a multi-currency grid and martingale system that can trade all input pairs from one chart. The expert will close all orders for each pair using a profit level. You can to get Pro version from here. Lite version has limitation about lot size starting lot size is 0. Information Chose a broker with fast execution and low spreads for effective results. Please make some tests on a demo account to see how the expert works before using it on a real account.

Capitary is designed to open trades every day. This Expert Advisor implements 2 trading systems: TakeProfit is always unique and adjusted to the current market situation. This robot does not hold trades open for a long time.

Orders are usually closed within days. In addition, each trade has StopLoss calculated using a special technology. This technology does not allow losing more money than specified in the settings, even if the syste. The direction of a trade is set graphically by arrows: The level is off if inconsistent directions were set, like: If the price is lower than a level it is a resistance level. And opposite is true for support level.

There are a few methods available for levels defining, for testing with visualization as. Unlike the full version, it is not possible to change the lot size and the trigger level of the profit taking block in the Expert Advisor.

It is optimized for trading: Recommended timeframe is M The EA does not trade on pairs with a spread greater than 20 points. Do not test the EA in the "Open price only" mode. Since brokers set a large spread value for the weekends, s.

Free version of the grid strategy! Identical strategy to the full version, the only limitation is the number of positions. Its goal is to harvest most out of trending market on automatic mode taking advantage of corrections in trends. It can be also used by experienced traders on manual trading. Combine your trading experience with this automatic strategy!

This expert is designed to work with the "V-Scale Live Trainer" indicator. If you want to stop annoying messages use this expert together with the purchased paid indicator "V-Scale Live Trainer". A simple expert makes traders lives easier. To use it, just enable one-click trading.

With each new start of the terminal, the metatrader. This is a free version of the Ilanis Expert Advisor. But the performance of the full version is greater. The free version has been added by the popular demand of the customers to provide a possibility of real testing.

The full version of the Exper. Best timeframes to use are H4 and higher. This masterpiece is extremely simple as it is. No martingale, no grids, no additional indicators, few parameters to optimize Tolerance and Range. It has an integrated time filter which is useful to avoid some bad periods or to close any opened trades in some other periods. Settings ShowInfo - show account info on chart.

TradingOnSunday - enable or prevent trading during Sunday. To set a fixed lot for the first position adjust following parameters: The EA should be optimized, attached to a chart and allowed to perform automated trading. Scalping Machine is an automated Forex Expert Advisor. It features two indicators and the smart martingale calculation system. The EA works on any timeframe, though the best results were detected on M1. Auto trailing stop is the product of Prediction Gun. It is an auto trailing stop EA.

If you once attach it on your chart, there is no need to set trailing stop loss to every trade. It will catch running orders and work automatically. You need to attach it on every symbol. Users can attach it on any symbol in MT4. Input Trailing Stop Lose Range - by default it is 10, which means 0.

Users can modify it. After a breakout of the upper or the lower border of the indicator, a position is placed along the movement direction. Input Parameters Closure Active? Take place when the price rolls back from the lower border of the indicator to the upper one for the sell positions, and when the price rolls back from the upper border to the lower one for the buy positions, respectively.

This non-indicator Expert Advisor identifies 7 simple Price Action candle patterns: When a new pattern is detected, the EA places pending orders with definite Stop Loss, Take Profit and volume parameters. Insofar as orders are pending, it can be used both autonomously and in manual trading, as you nearly always has time to close a pending order on not too small. This Expert Advisor is designed on the basis of daily break out. But you can modify settings for other currencies.

Advantages All of orders have stop loss This Expert Advisor does not use any of risky methods like martingale, grid and arbitrage No use of any indicators Description of settings tp: Distance of take profit to order open price in point sl: Distance of order open price to stop loss in point maximum sprea. The Expert Advisor places orders based on the points of the Parabolic Sar indicator. If your trading strategy utilizes this indicator, the EA will save you from the necessity to move your pending orders after every candlestick e.

Buy default both Buy and Sell are enabled. The EA does not use any indicators other than Parapolic Sar. Therefore you are to decide the time to run th. It works autonomously on a VPS server. The EA passed testing on real ticks. The Expert Advisor controls the spread and slippage, thereby protecting your capital from risks.

No martingale, no grid, no hedging. The EA applies stop loss, take profit and trailing stop. This is a free version. Not all functions operable! The free version h. It is a free version of Escape EA with a lot limit set to 0. The trading system is based on the breakout of a dynamic price range. Input parameters allow you to track almost any trade channels on different periods.

The Expert Advisor can be used as a scalper and for trading using levels. Escape does not use indicators and high-risk techniques, such as martingale, grid trading, hedging, etc. To open deals, the EA sets pending orders at the channel borders at the specified time. Each of the or. Arbitrage is a process where you set up expert advisers on 2 end - fast and slow to take advantage of small course differences.

Free version is limited to 0. It is VERY easy to use, it requires no or almost no setup. Multiple extra activations for all your terminals! And these questions became very much. If you understand the MQL, then we invite you to join the forum team as a Specialist. In return, you will get it: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Invitation to the discussion Start date Jun 5, Tags gratuit robot.

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