Forexconnect API and Amibroker


The ForexConnect API is a C++/.NET/Java API, that extends all the existing functionalities of the award-winning FXCM Trading Station. In addition to a high level of flexibility, it offers low-level messaging, table structures with calculated fields, the ability to request historical data.

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The FXCM Freestyle Apps Challenge is a popular initiative of FXCM, Inc challenging the software development community to develop applications that will help the public participate in foreign exchange trading. The Competition is intended to provide recognition for developing innovative apps that use the FXCM ForexConnect API. ECN2 Trader is.

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This is a request for very few records to update or top off the current real time data file on your hard drive. If for some reason your local data file needs to be replaced and a complete file needs to be created the XDD program will make the larger data request and the box will be blue, telling you that a large data request has been sent.

When the local data has been successfully updated the box will turn green. What is the text to the right of the flashing color box? In the example image above, I have requested real time data files for 41 FXCM Forex pairs in 13 timeframes, one minute through monthly bars. That is 41 Forex Pairs x 13 timeframes or data files. The example text tells you that you are downloading data set number 56 of required.

The L1 in the example says that you are in loop 1. As soon as all data has been updated the updates will start over again and the L1 will read L2. You can create your own symbol list file outside of Ramp.

Shift Time Zone If you would like to shift the data file time any number of hours back or forward to match your local time zone you can do it here. In the example, I am receiving data in Pacific Time and I have entered a 0 to display the data in the same Pacific time zone. This is typically checked. Typically you would want it checked. If you have this checked you would not check Loop. This example is US dollars per Canadian dollar. Data Folder Button This button will open your local data folder.

For more information on the folder location see the info under Non Ramp Installations below. Help Button The Help button will bring up this web page.

If you check Auto Start you will not need the Start Button. Stop Button The Stop button will stop the program from collecting data. It will not end the program. After clicking on Stop you can restart again with the Start button.

Exit Button The Exit button will save your settings and end the program. Notes for Non Ramp Installations: Dot Net Framework 4.