Are Anabolic Steroids allowed in Islam?


Anabolic steroids are not permissible as they change the creation of Allah and they are medically dangerous. Using them is not justifiable.

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The North Africa Journal – September 20, There appears to be an uptick in entry of foreign migrants into Europe over the past months. Although there has been a sizeable decrease of global entries since , the European Coast .

We will also work on the information from the members of the public there because we believe that they must have been hanging in the area to have been able to commit the act at 5am. We believe that they would still be in the village. The acting governor expressed concern, saying the attack was well planned, coordinated and executed. Benue is under siege.

We have been attacked from all corners and this is unacceptable. The killing of the two Catholic priests and worshippers has sparked off protests across the state, particularly Makurdi. The irate youths also set bonfires on major streets in Makurdi metropolis.

Though there was a large number of security agencies in the state capital, residents still entertained fears of further attacks and called on the state government to protect lives and property of the people. Ortom had embarked on the two week vacation on April 12, , and was expected to resume on Friday, April Buhari described the killing as a calculated attempt to stoke up religious conflict and plunge communities into endless bloodletting.

He said the country under his leadership would not bow to the machinations of evil-doers. He promised that the assailants would be hunted down and made to pay for the sacrilege committed. It, therefore, called on the Federal Government to put words to action by identifying, arresting and prosecuting the perpetrators.

Felix Omobude, made the call on Tuesday in a statement in Edo State, a few hours after suspected herdsmen killed 18 worshippers in Benue State. Omobude lamented that many Nigerians lived with the fear of losing their lives and property due to attacks by criminal gangs, even as he urged security agencies to live up to their responsibilities.

A situation whereby some criminally-minded people are holding the nation and Nigerians hostage is not acceptable. This is barbaric and the security forces should do more to stop the senseless violent killings and destruction of property. Perpetrators of these heinous crimes should be apprehended and adequately punished for their crimes. The PFN president further urged politicians and elected political leaders to take urgent steps to address the challenge ahead of the general election.

While expressing concern over the continuous stay of the Dapchi schoolgirl, Leah Sharibu, in captivity, he urged Buhari to reduce the suffering of the victim by securing her release. He added that security agencies had failed the nation by their inability to curb the killings. Until they wake up from their slumber, the killing of innocent Nigerians with impunity will remain unabated. It asked the global community to come to the aid of the farming communities in Benue and other parts of the country by ending the terror attacks across the nation.

It tells us the gravity of what is going in Benue State. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. And among them is a man who lent some other person money and he did not have witnesses to testify or to witness what he had done. The returns of investment, the ROI of lending is unbelievable.

Imagine how many pounds we have in the banks or under the mattress or wherever you hide your money. When there are needy people in need of that money. Investing with Allah is the best business you can have. There is no credit crunch, no one would be bankrupt, because the provider is Allah az zawa jal, HE puts the food on the table, HE gives you the ability to stand, the ability to work and the ability to move around.

However the Prophet Salla Allahu Alaihi wa sallam tells us that this part of investment has high returns. Now compare this with someone who gives 10 pounds as a debt and even before the man reaches his house, he calls and he knocks on his door, reminding him of his debt. Look and compare how stingy, how miserable and how miserly people are with the people whom they lend.

Whenever you give someone money, always remember that Allah forgives your sins as long as you are patient and tolerant. Abu Hanifa, it was reported, may Allah have mercy on his soul, may Allah bless him, used to sit in the shade of a house of his neighbor, every afternoon.

One day his neighbor came and borrowed some money from Imam Abu Hanifa and since then he stopped sitting in the shade of his neighbor, why? Give him time, he is not trying to evade or skip paying your loan or debt but he is unfortunate not to have the financial means to pay you back so be easy on him. A lot of us Muslims are good in giving justifications and legitimizing our dealings.

He went to his relatives asking them what they needed. And to be debt-free is a merit and one of the blessings of Allah upon you. If you are free of these 3 things, Allah az zawa jal will admit you to Jannah. Now a majority of us keep on borrowing and unfortunately they borrow for silly things; for a bigger LCD, for a new video game, for a car, for a bigger house etc.

And all this indicates the amount of foolishness we are in, because we are in this vicious circle of trying to look like others, to behave like others and to be in the melting pot, do what they do, even if it leads us to Riba.

And this is the majority of the loans here and worldwide. You borrow, but you borrow with paying interest. Now you can camouflage it as you wish but any loan you borrow with interest, this is Riba. They sell you something they do not own, they sell you something you did not see.

And then they take a power of attorney from you to sell it to someone else and then give you the money in cash, much less then what you have to pay on installments and all of this is a trick for Riba.

Actually you do not have a soul if you feel like this. So look at the loans Muslims get.