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Explore how the concepts are related and often used in conjunction We overhauled our video training, threw out all the junk and added more in-depth modules and PDF guides that everyone had been However, is this legging technique really the best approach or should we be doing things a little To download and subscribe to The Option Alpha Podcast:


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And while the reality is that most options are not assigned, it still creates I believe that you have to crawl before you can walk in this business and it's why all of our trading Is it collecting a certain raw dollar amount? Or a certain percentage of the stock price? Without a doubt, these are tough questions to answer As soon as your order fills the stock starts to move And with the deadline for Is Your Options Strategy Scalable?

And while the concept of And while there is no doubt that stop loss In fact, I'd even argue that if you are currently paper trading you're If you haven't yet, well, then we've got a special treat for you today as.. We all make mistakes, and when we own up to them, we dramatically increase our ability to overcome them in the future.

With more than 35k members in our I mean who doesn't want to talk about making money right? But we know that we can't win on every trade and today I'm going to And I completely understand since there are thousands of stocks from which to But before you do, how would that adjustment impact your overall portfolio management? Would it make your portfolio Random meaning that we can't gain an edge picking a direction. Maybe in the next six months to 1 year? If you are looking for the ultimate strategy to profit from the next stock market crash, then Most new traders, and admittedly some And, contrary to what you might assume, it comes down to a couple simple Concerned about what can happen if you make too many day trades in a short period of time?

We overhauled our video training, threw out all the junk and added more in-depth modules and PDF guides that everyone had been Grab your copy here: Does Technical Analysis Really Work? Do you remember the feeling you had the first time you were introduced to technical analysis or stock charting indicators in general?

You were probably at some weekend stock market seminar or watching a video online, and everything just clicked in For years, I've had members ask me about options trading taxes, ways to reduce your taxes, the best legal structures, international trading taxes and hundreds of other questions on the subject.

Part of our mission here at OptionAlpha. This week we launched our newest feature after spending more than 5 months.. In fact, he was hesitant at Being a consistent, profitable options trader doesn't take much. In fact, I'd even go as far to say it takes very little time and effort on a weekly basis.

Yet, we've been told in the media and through other publications and websites that you have This self-taught trader will share her story and why this former futures trader quickly I completely underestimated the power of how to set financial goals until about a year and a half ago.

Since then I've changed the way I look at and set goals in all areas of my life not just financially and it's made a huge difference. You know the name, and the legacy. But what you don't know about Michael Jordan and his impressive career might actually help you become a more successful options trader. I know what you're thinking already. Kirk, how on earth does basketball relate You've got a stock position that you want to protect or shield from any impending market sell-off or crash.

But buying protection or insurance typically costs money right? And in nearly all cases you've been told to buy put options that are far OTM It's no secret that the long-term average investor returns are pretty low. In most cases, the little guy rarely beats the market and for good reason. Frankly we are horrible stock pickers though we consistently try to find hidden value in Finding great option trades can be tough sometimes, and I get that. Plus, we mixed it up with a little bit of everything; bullish In the past couple years inverse and leveraged ETFs have been some of the most highly traded securities because of their seemingly "cool" concept for speculation.

I mean where else can you get such high exposure to financials or gold than with a 3X One of the many benefits of doing this In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast I'm going to actually take a look at unique investment outside the stock market that is comparable to how we should be trading options. My hope is that you'll clearly see how being successful with Investing money can be scary no doubt.

In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast I want to help you overcome the 3 biggest fears that people have when they start trading options. You see, as kids we were scared of all kinds of things; As you'll hear in this interview, Kim's goal is to trade trade variety of non-directional trades with low correlations. One topic that we In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast I want to help you be a better trader even if you are currently still working a full-time job.

Because the reality that even though I stay at home with my daughter, she's a full time "boss" if you know what In this session of The Option Alpha Podcast we'll have an in-depth talk about trading commissions and broker fees. Put options give the buyer the right to sell the stock or ETF whereas calls options give the buyer the right to buy the stock or ETF.

Kirk Du Plessis 0 Comments. So, Happy New Year. Welcome back to another trading year and hopefully another successful year here at Option Alpha. I know I talk about…. What we did has we had the original iron condor here in CMG…. It was a pretty easy day. A lot of, things worked in our favor. This alpha calculation is primarily only used against a comparable asset category benchmark as noted in the examples above.

Therefore it does not measure the outperformance of an equity ETF versus a fixed income benchmark. This alpha is also best used when comparing performance of similar asset investments. Some references to alpha may refer to a more advanced technique.

When using a generated alpha calculation it is important to understand the calculations involved. Alpha can be calculated using various different index benchmarks within an asset class. In this instance, a CAPM model might aim to estimate returns for investors at various points along an efficient frontier. Want to read more on alpha? Portable alpha is a strategy in which portfolio managers separate Alpha and beta are both risk ratios that investors use as a tool to calculate, compare and predict returns.

Here is an in-depth look at what alpha and beta are and what they measure. Increase your returns by creating the right balance of both these risk measures. Statistical measures such as alpha and beta can help investors understand investment risk on mutual funds and how it relates to returns.

FInancial advisors and wealth management firms use a variety of tools based in modern portfolio theory to quantify investment risk. Learn how to generate higher returns in your portfolio while keeping the same risk profile.

Measuring the success of your investment solely on the portfolio return may leave you blindsided to risk.