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For phones MBK may be better and some other places as good. Pantip Plaza has tried to replicate itself in other cities like Chiang Mai. Other cities have their ICT mall s. But there is only one Pantip Plaza, Bangkok. Everything you need for camera, computer, and mobile. This is your one stop shop for electronics in Bangkok. The Plaza has some fast food international chains on the ground floor and a Thai style food court inside on the third or fourth floor.

The plaza seems to be divided into sections by type of items. All of the prices are negotiable. Depedning on what is available in your home country this may be a good opportunity to stock up for your friends.

There is a wide selecting of copied software, Xbox, and Mac products. The prices can be good but make sure you know what the price is before you go in and make sure the model matches exactly. It has variety for electrical and electronic goods. There are certain big stores here where prices are mostly fixed.

I bought gobank for baht for mhrs. I guess got good deal on it. Sign In Sign Up. Checkin Add to wishlist. Are you planning a trip to Bangkok? Check out popular trips from our experts. Copy and make it to your own plan. Plan a trip to Bangkok based on your personalized interests. It takes only a few seconds to generate a plan. Ltd All rights reserved. Recommend me an itinerary We will suggest an itinerary that fits your search criteria.

Its increasing influence on global politics, culture, fashion and entertainment underlines its status as an Alpha global city. In , it was the second most expensive city in South-East Asia behind Singapore. The city's wealth of cultural landmarks and attractions in addition to its notorious entertainment venues has made it synonymous with exoticism.

Its historic wealth coincides with its rapid modernization, reflected in the cityscape and the urban society. The Grand Palace, Vimanmek Palace Complex, its thousands of temples, and the city's notorious red-light districts combine draw in 11 million international visitors each year, trailing just Paris and London.

Bangkok has a population of approximately 6,, residents while the greater Bangkok area has a population of 11,, January The capital is part of the heavily urbanized triangle of central and eastern Thailand which stretches from Nakhon Ratchasima along Bangkok to the heavily Industrialized Eastern Seaboard.

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