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Below are all the solo ad providers resources you need to get started Here’s a list of many popular business opportunity ezine newsletters you can send ezine solo ads to: Please note that I have absolutely no affiliations with any of these list owners.

Sweet, so guys there you have it. I mean it' very organized. So, I guess if we focus most specifically on the most effective Ezine at all. This is the option I chose.

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AdsMarket Ezine Advertising Network offers the following types of ezine ads: solo ads and top sponsor ads. Check below the type of ezine ad that fits your needs and budget. We are looking forward to working with you in order to ensure a successful ezine advertising campaign.

Whoa, you know it's interesting how this whoa is not changed for so many decades. You know, you keeping your most important stuff and links and calls to action over like the squeeze page. I still build squeeze pages and I make sure that the opt-in form is above the foul. That people don't have to scroll down to see it.

Even in mobile phones. You know I've had, I've had this argument with my designer, right. Who insisted that things changed and rules of engagement changed and people learn to scroll down but. You know every single time we run a split test, doesn't seem to be the case. I've never met a designer yet who pass to feed their family on building a list from a squeeze page. And so that's fine but when you know. I've never had a job in my entire life for I paid a salary to go to work.

I either have straight commission salesperson or I have been self-employed. So if I didn't go kill it, we didn't get that night. And when you have your life on the fire and you're like that. Then you're following the rules that worked.

All of that squeeze pages. So, you know, it just works. I keep doing it over and over and over again. Anytime I build a squeeze for a client that as you know. We do stuff like that. We actually build squeeze pages for clients when they run ads with us.

It's always above the fall that has to be. Doesn't matter if it's small bow or not. It has to be above the fall because. You know people just seem to have some trouble scrolling down. That's still a lot. I just kinda go over of what you share because you'd heard a lot and I really appreciate you kinda breaking down the formula to a high converting swipe, a solo we got a classic headline, we got a gain logic and fear as far as the sequence in which we make a call to action, we a minimum of 3 calls to action, wanna have a P.

Mmmm is there anything I missed? Does it change from niche to niche? Or is it something specific to make Money Online? Or is it something you use everywhere? No, I use it everywhere because of this. Based on human psychology, it's not based on a particular niche. Every wants to know what's in it for them. That is the human thing, right? And everybody wants to make an emotional purchase and dependent on logic.

So, we put logic in position number 2. And then, people would need to know that the the exit sign is on, right? But the offers is gonna go away. You know this well as I do or maybe you do better. That in the last 48 hours of the promotion. Sometimes the last4 hours, that's when a lot of activity happens. It's human nature to think about it, to put it off. And so you got to inject that fear, without being manipulative.

And so that formula, because it's based on psychology, works in every niche I have tried in. And I continue using it until it working. It doesn't matter what I promote, it doesn't matter when I do it. But every single time. The last day or even the last half a day of the promotion will bring me half as many sales as I made throughout the entire course of the promotion to that point.

It works every time I tested. I tested it a duration of 10 days, 30 days, 4 days. It just works every single time. It's human nature that's the way we are. People wanna think about it and you need to close the sale! And closing the sales is with a call to action. And this is something I noticed over the years. How they tend to draggggg. You know, they really drag out the copy, they keep writing, keep writing, keep writing. Just like, you know. Asking me to click something already.

Well, let's go back again to psychology. If you met a person in the mall. And you wanted to strike up a conversation and it was a person you wanted to get to know the better.

So you're gonna say. Let's go and have some coffee sometime. You wouldn't start with "Let's have coffee sometime. But in emails, that's the opposite. In emails, you've got to make that call to action very near the top and then describe why.

So, what I call a reverse pyramid. If you take a pyramid turn it on its head. That's kind of how human interactions in face to face work compared to email interactions. Now, I can, you know. I'm really a big fan of psychology, influence and human nature. ANd we can talk about these stuff for hours.

But since our time is limited. I wanted to point your attention. Kinda see what you have to say about what you mentioned earlier. You mentioned ads versus joint ventures Ezines. So I'm curious to hear more about that. Well, I'll be concise about this. Ads are very, a simply a commercial transaction. I come to you, you are a publisher. I buy an ad, I pay a fee. I get all the clicks to that ad. Creates and we're done.

A joint venture is a situation by which a publisher agrees to mail a certain number of times for a person and they are going to share profits. And that's simple as it is. Now is it possible to create a joint venture if, for example, we don't own the products? Just, for example, I'm promoting something like 4 Percent. Vick Strezuis 4 Percent which is you know, I'm an affiliate for that opportunity.

Is it possible for me to strike a JV, with a newsletter owner? The no part, I'll cover first and then the yes part, which is what you wanna know I'll cover for a second. No in a respected, ah no publisher in the right mind is going to do a joint venture for a free to join affiliate program So if that publisher Igor laughs at the background just go join the affiliate program.

Add promote, you know why would they share their profits with you? Here's how you do it for a thing like 4 Percent or any free to join things. You have to create a unique bonus package. You create a bonus package that is unique to you. And now your offer is primary joint 4 Percent, secondarily, get the bonus that is unique to you and that's the work you do in the JV. It's more than just provider link and hey Mr.

It's like "I built this package just for your audience". And if you tailor it just to an audience of that Ezine, which is, let's face it, very easy to do. Now, you've got a unique selling pre-position. Yeah, it makes more sense to the customers to buy it anyway.

Because they are getting so much value for the exact same amount of money cost them to purchase separately. You wanna have a multiplier of value and you wanna make it unique to readers of this Ezine only and that's when publisher really start paying attention.

Because you're delivering value to that person's readers. You're gonna look like a hero for doing nothing except promoting the link you gave them. Exactly and I often times I see this. Kinda, you know, people missed 2 points about that. First, of, you know, if you feel queasy about selling something.

Then chances are you don't feel that you're selling something that is 10x the value of the money you're charging. I mean you've be shouting from the rooftops about that product, right. That Zig Ziglar said, years ago. If you really believe in your product. You have a moral obligation to sell as many as much as you can.

And I really believe that's true. I think it's a great book for anyone who's into marketing, in selling and in business for themselves. Because fundamentally speaking, too many people get into the business of marketing without first working on their belief system and really selling themselves on the fact that selling is a noble profession like Zig used to say.

Alight and of course you know. So you probably learned this, first hard. I married when I was 19 and my wife is only 17 and I needed to provide an income and this isn't very long time ago. And so I take a commission sales job. And thank God, my first sales manager with keep me in the office until 9 o'clock at night role-playing. Different objections and scenarios and I became a pretty good salesman, pretty quick.

I've been doing that ever since. If you don't believe in your product if you don't believe in the process of providing value through selling something.

Then that's the wrong business to be in. So, Charlie, I mean. So, we understand how Ezine advertising works.

We understand there's different types of Ezine ads. We understand the difference between an ad and a joint venture. We understand the difference between Ezine solo ad and a regular solo ad. You know the kind solo ad that we, the kind of solo ad that popularized the guy like me these days. Then my next question I guess. The next logical question is, why do we need director or Ezine? The reason why people need Directory of Ezine is this.

Number 1, we provide a tremendous amount of support and training. We've been doing this a very long time the Directory of Ezine started out in and the person who founded it had a spreadsheet that's what she was selling. I joined the company later and then 18 months later.

I bought the company from her. When I joined as a member. It was a spreadsheet, that's what I got. Now, we have an entire learning center. We have an affiliate center, we have all types of support material. Several webinars people attend.

So, the reason why people need the Directory of Ezine is if they want to succeed in advertising in Ezine. The deal is a deeper resource and I really can say that with integrity about teaching people how to succeed with Ezine advertising. We offer tremendous support and we offer tremendous teaching. And we will get you to the point where you understand exactly what Ezine advertising is and how to do it in a very short period of time.

The second reason is, we act as a clearinghouse of Ezine information. I will be back for more! Rick Davies, Founder of http: I really love your value added service of spam checking!

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