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Get up-to-the-minute market news and analyst commentary from our global team of financial experts. Our success is a result of strong leadership. We also spent a long time exploring the site of the spa at Meljine, which I believe is going to be an extraordinary and world-class institution.

We have agreed to enter into a series of meetings to explore the possibility of collaborating on this project from both a creative and a business perspective. I have long had a visino of the kind of spa I believe the world needs, incorporating my ideas about lifestyle and the arts as well as natural good health and I am hoping that Meljine and Atlas may provide the vehicle for this vision.

These meetings will begin at once. After the press conference, Ms. Anderson, accompanied by Mr. His conclusion was that this beautiful country should be visited as soon as possible. Since Pamela promotes a healthy life and ecologically clean environment, she became very interested in two Atlas Group projects: Considering locations and construction style of Atlas Group projects, which respect not only organic but also ecological building principles, and after her manager visited Montenegro, Miss Anderson has decided to personally see the quality of these projects and their natural surroundings.

Immediately and without any hesitation, she accepted the invitation from Mr. Dusko Knezevic, the president of Atlas Group. Hollywood star Pamela Anderson has officially confirmed yesterday in Los Angeles that she will visit Atlas Group mid-July, as per previous announcements. The location and construction style of these projects respect not only organic but also ecological building principles. Country with such beauty and fascinating history captured my interest immediately.

I have heard that Montenegro is country which respects ecological principles which I strongly support. Since I love to combine my interests my professions often overlap, being an actress and an entrepreneur. Combination of my interests brings me good business opportunities. Real estate is only one of the projects I am involved in. Everything I heard and read about this country fascinated me, so I accepted without any hesitation the invitation of Mr. At the moment, all my money is invested in real estate and I consider it to be a smart move.

For some time now, I have been looking for a location on which I could realize my dream project: The project would not interfere with the natural environment it is situated in. Further, it would offer enjoyment in art, music, modern design and excellent entertainment. All those things are extremely important for our life! My manager, Peter Asher, visited Montenegro few months ago, and returned with excellent impressions and with a conclusion that this beautiful country should be visited as soon as possible.

I believe that Atlas Group projects are exactly what I am looking for. I am excited about the visit and about the fact that I will fulfill my dream. We have already started the process of opening bank account in Montenegro and are very optimistically entering business cooperation with Atlas Group and their partners.

Clients of the Invest Bank of Montenegro have gotten an opportunity to take part in trading on the global financial markets, currencies Forex at first, and very soon after other markets including stocks, commodities, derivatives and other securities. Furthermore, in a month or two, IBM clients will be able to trade on domestic Montenegro as well as other markets in the region.

Online trading, we believe, will be playing a special role in domestic economy by attracting direct foreign investments while giving an opportunity for local investors to trade the foreign markets. In this revolutionary venture for this country and the region, IBM has teamed up with ODL Securities, a broker dealer company - one of the two biggest foreign exchange players in Great Britain - which provides a technical support for IBM.

IBM clients who possess a foreign exchange account with the bank as well as the new ones who are interested in online trading need to open an investment account in order for them to trade directly on the IBM Trader platform in real time.

For more information on how to open an account please visit web page E-trading. To mark the start of construction on their new high-end mixed-use business, retail and residential structure in Montenegro, investors Atlas Group and Capital Investment UAE organized a reception at the Atlas Capital Centre building site in Podgorica. Representatives of the Montenegrin Government, members of the diplomatic corps, business associates and future clients of the Atlas Capital Centre all attended the lavish reception held at the downtown building site.

Dusko Knezevic, President of the Atlas Group, delivered a speech to those assembled about his vision for the project. Atlas Capital Centre with its unique and modern design and its superior location, which offers easy access to all the best that Podgorica has to offer and links to all other major destinations throughout Montenegro will offer tenants and residents access to a completely NEW LIFESTYLE.

The building site is located between two boulevards - Cetinjski put and Vojvode Ilije Plamenca and comprises over The finished project will consist of 90 business apartments, fully equipped to the latest European standards, a hotel and contemporary office and commercial spaces, all with an accompanying three-level garage.

The Atlas Capital Centre project is being designed to meet the most stringent of regulations laid out by this directive in terms of energy and thermal efficiency. The structure will be built under a construction license issued by the Ministry of Economic Development on 18th June and in cooperation with the progressive, world-leading construction management and consulting company, MACE.

Construction on the Atlas Capital Centre will be completed in Atlas Group is a leading company in the fields of banking, financial services, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, trade, media, education, culture and sports, serving as an exemplar of high quality standards and best business practices throughout South-Eastern Europe and in the Balkan region.

Under the umbrella of the Atlas Group are: From its beginnings in as a company investing in real estate and local capital markets, Capital Investment LLC has grown rapidly to become a leading investment house in the region with diversified business interests across numerous sectors. Capital Investment directed its business on a Montenegrin territory, where together with Atlas Group invested in two new projects — Atlas Capital Centre and Meljine.

Mace is one of the world's largest and most diverse project and construction management companies, with a great reputation for finding the best solutions to complex construction problems.

This company proved its ability to offer high level services through defining projects, design and process implementation, starting with identification of the project requirements up to the final phase and maintaining services.

The awards Mace achieved in the fields of construction in the years and proves that this Company has an ability to support the interest of the client. Jassim Mohammad Rafea Alsediki, said that the future plans for the investment fund, besides the business center and the Medical center in Meljine, are also oriented toward some other interesting projects in Montenegro.

Alsediki agreed to present those plans once the negotiations are completed, most likely during this summer. This agreement was signed by Mrs.

Hafsa al Ulama, the director of Capital Investment and Mr. Furthermore, the strategic alliance between Capital Investment and Atlas Group has been enhanced by forming of a consortium for the Meljine Military Hospital auction. In , Capital Investment had a net profit of more than million Euros.

One day before they also met with the former prime minister Mr. Djukanovic, during their visit to UAE where they presented the opportunities for investing in Montenegro. The bankers have visited the Montenegrin coast and the north part of the country.

They were presented by the investment possibilities in the Great Beach, Ada Bojana, Valdanos beach and other touristic resorts on the coast and mountains. The First Gulf Bank leaders have, also, been offered to invest in the energy sector, as well as in exploring of oil and gas sources on the Montenegrin coast. Very soon, a team of experts from UAE will visit and further analyze concrete projects and their feasibility. Montenegro is their choice for investing due to stable currency, proximity to Western Europe, and near entering the EU.

Last year it showed a growth of 45 percent in total value of EUR million, which is about a half of the annual budget of Montenegro. The bank employs close to 2, people and has plans to open large financial centers in Singapore and Great Britain. Milosevic has visited the prime minster Sturanovic together with the leaders of the First Gulf Bank. Official opening of the Sheikh Zayed Street. At the FREI opening, Find out more about: Dear students, Be courageous and confident about the values of what you have learned, because that is an absolute value for eternity.

We are all Corporate Citizens Now Dusko Knezevic, Atlas Group President in World Finance interview Many developed countries have been slowly recovering from the crisis The velocity of the regional integration into the European Union will depend on a larger scale from the amount and level of capitalization, how much money has been retrieved from admission funds, reaching better rate for the region and private and institutional investitors capital arrival — said Dusko Knezevic, Atlas Group President in World Finance interview, the most prestigious economy magazine in the world.

Everybody should help It is very important that bureaucracy as well ones who do the foreign investments promotion to are more flexible in order to help the investors to realize their project, because this is the only way for the region to move forward — said Knezevic. There are several West European countries in which you can found a company over the internet. During the opening all attendants were cheered up by voice of Merima Njegomir.

Since Atlas TV celebrates its birthday, the conference was broadcasted live via satellite and regular Atlas TV channels. Atlas Group, through the way of doing business and its international presence, projects a real picture to the world about the region and business possibilities which this country can offer to the potential investors. Business cooperation with Pamela Anderson is only one of the ways to show that good business practice has no limits. The main topic was current world financial crisis.

Representatives of Atlas Group, which is the owner of the water bottling company Lipovo, said that this award comes from one of the most important Expos of this kind in the Southwest Europe and is very significant for the further development of such young and prosperous brand. Vladan Draskovic, the executive director of the factory, received this award at the ceremony.

Aqua Monta is has such low mineral content that can be compared with the top quality bottled waters worldwide. This is the first case in Montenegrin history that one domestic bank opens another bank outside the country borders. The Montenegrin Prime minister, Milo Djukanovic, addressed the audience stating that opening of the first Montenegrin bank abroad is an important contribution to the overall improvement of the business cooperation between Russia and Montenegro.

The ceremony was attended by the Montenegrin Ministers of foreign affairs and justice, Milan Rocen and Miras Radovic, the State funds directors, Dragan Lajovic and Radivoje Zugic, as well as the highest representatives of Montenegrin and Russian industries.

Since the two companies have already joined together in the bid for Montepranzo in Tivat, two businessmen talked about possible future project that would improve the level and capacities of holiday facilities at the Adriatic Sea coast.

After the meeting Mr. Munk has made the following statement: Four Seasons hotels are the good example of that, and so is a golfing resort. Today, the reputation of Atlas Group has leaped to the international levels, their accomplishments are exceptional. No matter how large the foreign investors are and how much experience they have, they always seek for a strong and high quality local partner, and we cannot imagine a better partner than Mr.

You can get all the necessary information regarding the apartments, retail locations or office space in this building. You can also ask about the deadlines and possible reservations. This licence enables the management company to organise and manage an open investment fund, establish and manage a closed investment fund and manage a private investment fund. The portfolio manager, Marko Jovanovic, has announced that the first open investment fund will be registered and operational in the next month.

This is the second investment fund under the Atlas Group roof. The first and very succesful fund, Atlas Mont fund, was established in Montenegro during the vaucher privatisation process of the Montenegrin companies. ABM Bank has obtained the licence ABM Bank in Moscow has obtained the licence and is open for business, aiming to service those who have business and personal interests in both, Montenegro and Russia. Some of the available services are as follows: This regional event at the Belgrade Fair gathered almost all important players of the regional real estate markets.

This year the accent was put on the commercial projects that should raise the standards of living and working in Serbia. We have seen a few new concepts, such as the Block 26 project, that should change the look of New Belgrade and raise the attractiveness of doing business in this part of Europe. Atlas Group showed its leadership potentials with the projects in Blocks 26 and 65, as well as the projects in the old city of Belgrade.

On top of that when we add the number of attractive locations in Montenegro, Atlas Group is clearly in a group of real estate leaders in this part of Europe. Learn about our projects at our Real Estate micro site. Among many prominent participants, experts and government officials, Atlas Group delegation was involved in every egment of the event.

The largest projects on the montenegrin coast were presented to the wide audience. Vuko Dragasevic, the executive director of Atlas Group, was a part of the panel discussion over Tourism and development of the hospitality and leisure industry — current and future projects. Dragasevic agreed that montenegro needs more investments and efforts in developing a substantial infrastructure that would enable better flow of more international tourists.

He, also, added that the coast has an insuficient number of high class luxury hotels and more luxury hotels means more wealthy tourists with more liberal spending habits. The main conclusion is that Montenegro is currently going into the right direction to take a piece of tourists from Croatia, Italy and Greece each year and become a recognisable ouristic destination in Europe.

Learn about our projects at our Real Estate microsite. Breaking ground for the new office building in Takovska St. This week we have started with initial phase works on our Takovska street location, where a future office building of 4, m2 will erect. This business building will be built by the modern standards and will be equipped with the state of the art technological, security and functional solutions.

The ground floor will be available for showrooms or other retail use due to the location attractiveness. Building the relationship Capital Investment and Atlas Group have presented the plans for upcoming investments in Montenegro. The initial project will be the Atlas Business Center in Podgorica, worth about million Euros, and the partners will create a joint venture with equal share.

Slobo Buric, the Atlas Group Director for investments, groundbreaking will take place in September of this year and the completion is expected in Besides the business complex, this business center will have residential apartments and retail center. The total built area will be 85, square meters. Alphabetize the sort order of my symbols. We have a large and diversified group of clients, including financial institutions, corporations, governments and individuals. Our services are based on comprehensive databases of consumer and business information derived from numerous sources including credit, financial assets, telecommunications and utility payments, employment, income, demographic and marketing data.

We use advanced statistical techniques and proprietary software tools to analyze all available data, creating customized insights, decision-making solutions and processing services for our clients. We help consumers understand, manage and protect their personal information and make more informed financial decisions.

We also provide information, technology and services to support debt collections and recovery management. You have selected to change your default setting for the Quote Search. This will now be your default target page; unless you change your configuration again, or you delete your cookies.